I'm not going to be discouraged!!!!

Aug 28, 2010

It seems like I keep finding delays or hurdles. First was the wls docs needed clerance from my oncologist,which I thought was faxed over months prior, at least thats what I was told, then i'm shy of the bmi so i'm terrified and gain weight, next the wls doc flag me because of spina bifida occulta instead of talking to me about it, Hello its nothing, I would not have known I have it except I had ct scan done with my 4 herinated dics! so all that gets taken care of, I loose the wt I gained, and reach pre op goal wt, pass the psych test and eval, i'm taking the supplements, seperate meals from liquids, chewing food 30 times,chest xray, stomach ultrasound all good, meet with the surgeon and he tells me that my BMI is kidda low!!!! Hello I have been doing everything your staff has instructed me to do, INCLUDING LOOSING WEIGHT!!!! It's so hard not to stuff my face and say ok heres my BMI much higher , but then the insurance carrier would ask what happen if I gained all this weight while I'm doing the 6 months doctor supervised program and probably wouldnt approve me! I feel much better when I am loosing weight, I cant gain anymore!   This site is great, I see I'm not alone in this fight! Thanks for all the the great  posts!!!!  we all need  to hang in there and we too will be on the LOSER BENCH!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great week!!!!


Lucky 7

Aug 15, 2010

Why Lucky 7?   I am a breast cancer survivor with a wonderful husband and 5 great children.  We meet all our challenges with a laugh and always ask ok, what's next?!! We raised a little over $1,500 for american cancer society this year.  We had 3 babies in one year ( 1 in January and twins in December)!  So many people tell us our lives are like a reality tv show. 
The chemotherapy  gave me arthritis and extra weight. I started cancer treatment just 5 months after having my last baby, so I still had lots of baby weight.  I know wls is the best thing for me and my family. At 42 being overweight with arthritis its scarey looking at my future. My husband gained weight with me during each pregancy ( 4 children in 4 yrs) so he is also having wls. We both work (opposite shifts so we can be home with kids) active with all three school PTA's and volunteer with a nonprofit twins group. Busy lives, but ready for healthy changes!!!!  

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