MAY 2, 2009 Meet & Greet

May 05, 2009

so on Saturday 05/02/09 I had the pleasure of going to lunch at Chevy's in Pleasant Hill, I got to meet some great folks from the California message board. I enjoyed the lunch, meeting the fellow surgery soulmates and we exchanged clothes, that was .  2 people stood out to me cause of their bubbly personality, Jenn, who is navy mom of 5, I loved her outgoing spirit and Rachel, she was just so sweet, she's preop and I hopefully can help her on her journey. Barb was awesome too and Leslie who sat next to me but was playing mommy to Jenn's angels. she took her 5 kids and OMG they behaved so well. when I heard she was bringing them I thought Oh Lord, please I want a peaceful lunch but nope they were very good. sweet, really nice kids. so that was good and the next 1 is set for June 27th and I kept thinking that date sounds familiar whats on my calendar, well i got home and noted that our family Discovery Kingdom day is on that day darn it! have to figure it out. I want to do both but can't. I wanted to do DK on 27th cause thats when the union has their family picnic day and we can get tickets to the park and a meal for a cheap price. but we may have to go another day. we shall say. 

on my weight loss journey, I joined gym last week. Planet Fitness. went 2x last week and I'm planning on going tonight. I don't think I'll go every day cause then I'll get bored but I will see. the wedding is coming close and I need to fit better in my bridesmaid dress. it fits but its snug and I think I need to breathe so time goes on my weight dropped a little but still pretty much stalled. i know I need to eat better it's just so difficult for me to eat right, I am also going through depression now. I just feel so down and out about everything and I don't see too much yippee in hurray. I don't have a life and I need to find one. anyway back to work now it's almost time to go.

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