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The more weight I've gained, the more I've had to deal with incontinence. I'm scheduled for surgery soon. I was wondering if your incontinence issues improved after surgery. Has the weight loss helped you in this area?

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Thank you for all the suggestions for questions to ask the surgeon during my first consultation. I didn't get a really good vibe from this surgeon and have another consultation lined up with a different surgeon. Feel comfortable with the surgeon I sele

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Hi Everyone! I have my first of two consultations with surgeons this week. I have some ideas for questions to ask each surgeon, but I wanted to get input also from people who have already gone through the process. What suggestions do you have for quest

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Hi! I'm new to the Obesity Help forums. I'm just now starting the process to get approved for WLS from my insurance company. I am hoping to have the VSG. My first consultation is in a couple of weeks. I look forward to reading everyone's posts and supp

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Has anyone in the Delaware area had WLS? If so, what surgery practice do you recommend? Thank you!

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