Does anyone know if Medicaid will cover plastic surgery NY?

I was wondering if Medicaid would pay for plastic surgery after the weight loss.. ex: excess skin, lift, ???? Thank you    — beverlypeaks (posted on May 22, 2006)

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May 23, 2006
No Most regular insurance doesn't even like to pay for elective surgury. Medicaid is worse then Medicare about paying for stuff.
   — Deborah Joyner

May 23, 2006
i live in allegany county in ny we are south of buffalo ny. there are some women in my local group that have had plastic surgery, some have medicaid and some have community blue and others that have insurance through work.I have medicaid and community blue and if i didn't have community blue my wls would not have been covered by medicaid. i have an appt with a plastic surgeon in july for tt and hernia repair hopefully my community blue will cover it too but all i can do is wait. after your wls document any rashes with doctor, pictures, dates, and any paperwork you can get it will help with ps also any other problems like backaches and other things. good luck to you on your journey to the other side of life mine has been great i started at 318 in october of 2003 1 yr later i had surgery at 290 and have lost 151 lbs. since then i am now 139 lbs and much healthier now and able to get down on the ground w/grandchildren like the inner child that i am lol good luck again and if you need to talk just e-mail me and i will give you my number Darlene
   — babyblues62

May 24, 2006
Medicaid will pay for almost anything that is medically necessary. My daughter's friend is 19 and had a breast reduction paid for by NY medicaid. If your excess skin is causing recurring infections or severe rashes, medicaid will most likely pay.
   — peacefuldaizy

May 26, 2006
I just received a reply back from a Plastic surgeon here in Indpls. YES it can be done through Medicare/Medicaid and rather than quote her I will post her response back to me. Dear Terry, Thank you for contacting. As a general rule, Medicare and Medicaid will pay for a panniculectomy. All three of our cosmetic surgeons, do this procedure and have excellent results. A panniculectomy is a procedure that is performed on people, like you, that have had a large volume of weight loss. This weight loss results in a lot of excess skin in the abdominal area. Not only do people not like the way that it looks, it is often uncomfortable. The cost of the panniculectomy can range from $5700.00 to $6200.00. This includes the consultation, surgeon’s fee, the anesthesiologist, the fee for the surgery center and your post op visits. A written cost estimate will be given to you at the time of your consultation. Now... What I am doing to get things rolling was I went on a search. 1. I first typed in Pro Bono and my state then plastic surgeon. I need arms and inner thighs done. I can live with that if I am unsucessful but the tummy is a major eyesore and irritation. 2. (Play around with different key words for results.) 3. I stumbled upon PerfectYourself.Com there I linked on my state and joined (free) to email Surgeons in my area. Type a fairly detailed letter (copy & paste it ) you can send it to up to 6 Surgeons in your state. It will give you a list of them. I am unsure if this is the limit period or daily but at least it was a start. 4. Next I double checked to see who accepted Medicare via Yahoo search typing in the Surgeons name and seeing if Medicare/Medicaid was listed on their site (if they had one) 5. ..If it was I made sure I sent them a email requesting info on it. Do not get discouraged. Where there is a will, there is a way. To my knowledge it should be medically necessary. I am going through skin rashes/irritation above my pubic hairline. I work out constantly but we cannot lose skin. I will be 3 years post-op in Sept. Let me know if I can assist any further.
   — TerryS

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