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It was about 5 years aso when I had done some research on the gastric sleeve. I was at my highest weight ever of 193 lbs, at only 5'4 tall. I went to a place in Tijuana that I dont remember the name to be honest. I went down to 135 lbs and then I regained and stayed 160 pounds. After my second baby I noticed that I was gaining more and more weight. So decided to see if my sleeve could be re-done. I found about 3 different doctors in Tijuana, but only one stood out: Mexicali Bariatric Center (MBC) NOT TO BE CONFUSED with Mexico Bariatric Center. I was a little worried because it was in Mexicali which is about 2 hours from San Diego airport, not near Tijuana. (I was a little worried about this) but once we got there Dr Campos went right to business and went into x-ray room where they did a Bariatric swallow test. There he showed me that the original gastric sleeve done in Tijuana was not done correctly. From the moment I stepped into that hospital I saw how diffferently things were done from the first time I had the sleeve. I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Wilhelm, Dr Campos and the anesthesiologist. I spoke to all 3 doctors before the surgery and they all put me at ease. After surgery they showed me how my new stomach looked like, and was very interesting to see the before and after of my stomach. My sister who also had the gastric sleeve done in Tijuana (not at the same place I had my first sleeve) decided that she would pay $150 just to see how her sleeve was done (Sleeve done in 2015) and it turned out that her sleeve was not done right either her stomach was bigger than mine. I wish I had found this place from the beginning. the hospital w

May 10, 2017


I received a BilioPancreatic Diversion with Duodenal Switch from Dr. Antonio Esquerra on March 9, 2017. I specifically chose Dr. Esquerra and Mexicali Bariatric after extensive research. I actually have insurance here in the U.S. that would have covered weight loss surgery for me, but I read long ago that one of the greatest indicators of a surgery's success is how many times the surgeon has performed that particular surgery.

I did hours and hours of research and realized that my covered surgeons here didn't have as much experience with the BPD-DS as I would like, so I began to research self-pay options. I narrowed down my choices to Dr. Esquerra, a surgeon in California, and a surgeon in Washington. I did hours more research and discovered that while most people really liked the surgeons in California and Washington, they weren't always happy with the support staff communication. That wasn't at all the case with Dr. Esquerra. Not only did his patients rave about him, they also raved about the entire staff at Mexicali Bariatric. I couldn't find a single negative review, which is unheard of in these days of anonymous internet reviews!

Once I got to Mexicali and experienced the customer service and patient care, I was so happy with my decision. Meeting Dr. Esquerra, Dr. Gutierrez, and Dr. Campos only further comforted me. They were all personable, professional, and very reassuring.

Just yesterday I had a follow-up Upper GI fluoroscopy to make sure I was healing properly, and the radiologist took one look at the screen and said, "Whoever did your research surgery should be commended, it looks perfect, an A+ job." That was music to my ears, and is exactly what every surgery patient wants to hear.

April 14, 2017


I had a Spatz Gastric balloon procedure done in Jan 2017 at Mexical Bariatric in Mexicali, Mexico.

Pros: Dr.Edgar is really a cool doctor. He doesn't have that annoying bossy attitude what you might get from doctors in the US. I have come across US doctors who won't even listen you fully. They just shut you up in middle and pre-assume a lot of things. Luckily, Dr.Campos is not that type. He would listen to you. He is very knowledgeable and explains you in detail. He is best at what he does.

I live in Los Angeles. It's really convenient to travel to Mexicali, park at the border and a shuttle van from Doctor's office would come to pick you up. It took me 4 hrs to drive to border in Calexico. They picked me up and the procedure was done within few hours. I returned back to Hotel Lucerna the same day. Slept overnight, they dropped me accross the border in morning and I was good to drive back home. I also had another ballon filing done in March because I wanted the balloon to be bigger. I followed the same route and this time I didn't even have to stay at Hotel. I got procedure done in morning and the hospital van dropped me back across the US border where I parked my car. My experience was good and I liked it. The most helpful thing is how fast the procedure gets done by making all medical professionals readily available. The shuttle service from Dr's office has a medical pass and it's a boon when you have to cross the border. The Hotel stay is not very expensive either.

Cons: At Mexicali Bariatric, I wish there would be a dietician counsellor who follows up with patients like asking the progress report. This is something that's missing at Mexicali Bariatric.
As far as a dietitian follow up, there is nobody. I don't expect the doctor to call each & every patient because that's too much but it's something that requires an additional person.

** The doctor does reply urgent mattters in email.

Anyways, my experience was good and I highly recommend it. Thanks Doc!

Best Wishes,
Varun Kumar

April 5, 2017

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If I could give more than 5 stars I would! I was a bit apprehensive at first as many are researching surgery in another country but I had the opportunity to speak with former patients that were family friends and ultimately wound up knowing nearly a dozen people that had been down to have the surgery at Mexicali Bariatric. Not only were they years out having great experiences but some were weeks out and doing fantastic. I had never left the country before but after researching the facility and talking with close family friends I filled out my application and Yolanda responded shortly thereafter. I had picked a random date about 3 weeks out and it was actually available so I jumped at the opportunity and began the process of getting my passport and everything setup for my trip. It was a great trip and I was welcomed on Sunday afternoon by Yolanda who wasted no time getting me to x-ray and to get my blood drawn. She went over everything then I received a visit from the anesthesiologist which blew my mind that he came in on a Sunday to explain the procedure to me and walk me through exactly what was going to happen. My dad and I then went to the hotel they had set up which was lovely and got ready for the next day. I was greeted promptly at 6am on my way into the hospital and the process began. I was wheeled into the operating room and saw my fantastic anesthesiologist as promised then I went to sleep. The surgery went very well and I was very shocked to hear most surgeries in the US are outpatient or 1 night only in the hospital. I was there for 3 nights which wasn't necessary but I would HIGHLY recommend it. The IV fluids were a lifesaver as were the round the clock nurses that were so kind in addition to the twice daily doctors visits (Dr. Campos is phenomenal). I was up and walking the day of surgery and kept it up for the rest of the week which really helped with the gas and on Thursday I headed home. My friends were ambitious and had said they ran errands the following week, I was not as ambitious but did return to work at about half strength that week but if you can I would recommend taking an additional week off because getting on a "food" schedule is tricky enough without adding the stress of work on top. That was incredibly long winded but I cannot say enough great things about Mexicali Bariatric; the hospital was spotless and everyone was so kind! I recommend it to anyone I talk to considering the surgery especially after all the hoops I jumped through in the US only to be denied but I am glad I was :)

April 3, 2017


I had my surgery about 5 1/2 weeks ago in Mexicali, with Dr. Wilhelmy. I traveled alone from Reno, Nevada. The entire process from being picked up at the airport by Ernesto was a great experience. It's a bit of a drive from San Diego, but Ernesto is funny and full of information about the area. He made it comfortable and enjoyable.
Everyone I came into contact with greeted me with open arms at the hospital and quickly got me through the pre op process. Ernesto then took me to my hotel, which was very nice and picked me up the next morning for my surgery.
Dr. Wilhelmy and his team of surgeons/staff were wonderful. I felt completely at ease going in to surgery with this team! A lot of them have had the procedure done themselves, which is comforting as well and they all look GREAT!
Easy, Easy surgery! Besides a little bit of gas pressure post op, I had little to no discomfort. My sleeve was checked 3 times to ensure no leakage and all was good! I did not have any complications and if I had to do it all over again, I would most definitely choose Dr Wilhelmy and his team! Highly recommended!
I had surgery with a low bmi of 32.3, I have lost 22 lbs as of today, well on my way to my goal. I couldn't be more happy that I chose this procedure and this surgeon!

March 27, 2017


My daughter and I both had the Gastric Sleeve done with Dr. Wilhelmy on January 20, 2017 and as a member of the healthcare system in the United States I can tell you I have worked in some outstanding facilities with some outstanding medical professionals and Dr. Wilhelmy and his team rate top notch in my opinion! The hospital is small in comparison to even many rural type hospitals in the US, but it's clean and adequate. Prior to surgery my daughter was experiencing severe anxiety about the decision she had made, but I really feel that few moments with Dr. Wilhelmy prior to surgery really put her mind (and mine as her mother and as well as the next patient) at ease! His bedside mannerism far exceeded many physicians I have worked with. My husband asked Dr. Wilhelmy to "take care of them during surgery" and Dr. Wilhelmy replied "like family" and that is exactly how we felt! The whole experience is top notch and if you are considering weight loss surgery this is the team you want! From Nina and Karla for pre-op instructions, to Ernesto at the airport, to surgery and post-op with Dr. Beltran and Dr. Campos this team is First Class A++++!! Don't hesitate any longer, make the best decision for your health today and choose this Team! Oh did I mention I am down 30 pounds since begin pre-op diet and surgery...GO ME! I will be forever grateful to Dr. Wilhelmy and his great Team of professionals for making this weight loss tool safe, affordable, and such a positive experience! Thank you all!!

Feb. 22, 2017


I had Gastric Sleeve with Dr. Wilhelmy on January 9, 2017. From paperwork to check out this was the best experience. I would highly recommend Dr. Wilhelmy for your weight loss surgery. I had a great experience with Dr. Wilhelmy, Dr. Campos and nursing staff. I highly recommend Bariatric Center. I only wish I had done this months earlier.

Feb. 21, 2017


Dr. Wilhelmy And his team were terrific!! Everyone took such great care of me and eased my fears.

Feb. 21, 2017


Today is my one year "surgiversary"! I would not have changed a thing and would send anyone interested in the sleeve to Dr. Wilhelmy. He was absolutely wonderful as was everyone at Mexicali Bariatric Center. The hospital was clean, private and so very kind. Everyone was attentive and explained every step. They were patient with my questions and really explained everything along the way. I cannot thank them enough not only for their excellent care but for giving me my life back.

Nov. 16, 2016


Dr. Antonio Esquerra and his staff at the Mexicali Bariatric Center were truly amazing.
I researched for a long time before contacting MBC. It is a little daunting to leave the United State for surgery in Mexico. I wanted to know the staff, the doctors, the anesthesiologist, previous reviews, hospital ratings, where the surgeons were trained, if they were credentialed and certified in bariatric procedures, if the hospital was credentialed and certified and many other facets of practicing medicine in Mexico.
I enlisted the assistance of a friend who is responsible for doctor and hospital credentialing at a major medical facility throughout the United States. I narrowed down my search to 3 different facilities and asked her to please review and make a recommendation. Hands down she recommended Dr. Esquerra and the Mexicali Bariatric Center.
My first point of contact was Nina Eguia, Patient Coordinator. She was helpful and responsive and answered all my questions regarding travel arrangements, hotel and hospital stay, the procedure itself (I opted for the Gastric Sleeve), what I would need to bring with me and what I would need to have available at home once I returned. She answered all my questions and made me feel comfortable with my choice of surgeons.
My second contact was Ernesto, the driver who picked me up at my hotel. He was a delightful man with a friendly and reassuring demeanor. We talked about many things and I was surprised to learn he had the sleeve surgery 8 or 10 years ago and has maintained his weight successfully. We talked about his experience and it was nice knowing someone first hand who had the same procedure I was having. We picked up a few more patients at the airport and began our 2-hour journey to Mexicali.
Upon arriving at the Almator Hospital I was greeted by the most amazing woman, Yolanda. She was the Patient Coordinator and handled my admission and paperwork. She was so warm and engaging that I felt like I’d known her for a lifetime. She guided me through the admitting process and got me settled nicely in a very nice, comfortable private room. She held my hand and explained the processes involving the lab work and prep for surgery.
I met Dr. Esquerra shortly after arrival. He introduced himself and we talked about the surgery. He was friendly and reassuring, explaining the process in terms I could understand. He was genuine and warm during our conversation and eliminated all of my concerns and answered all my questions. He is credentialed, highly educated and very well respected in the medical field both in Mexico and in the United States. He is a specialist in bariatric surgery. After meeting with him in person there was no doubt I had made the right decision.
I was visited by their cardiologist who reviewed my EKG with me directly. I was also visited by Dr. Edgar Campos, Bariatric Nutritionist, who was amazing and accommodating and highly professional. He, too, was warm, friendly and supportive. My anesthesiologist was Dr. Andres Gutierrez who was also delightful. He was professional, friendly and reassuring. I felt safe and secure in his care.
The entire bariatric team at Mexicali Bariatric Center was kind, caring, amiable and approachable. There were two other patients having bariatric surgery while I was there and we all received exceptional care. My research was thorough and complete and paid off in terms of the care I received while at Mexicali Bariatric Center.
I highly recommend Dr. Antonio Esquerra and his staff. I have recommended him to family and friends since returning home. The success of the surgery is apparent - 5 weeks post-op and I’ve lost over 31 pounds, feel terrific and I’m already wearing some of the clothes I couldn’t fit into prior to my surgery.
Thank you to Dr. Antonio Esquerra and the entire staff at the Mexicali Bariatric Center.
Feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions regarding my experience:
[email protected]

Sept. 22, 2016

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