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    Protein, protein, protein. We love protein because it is essential for a healthy lifestyle. But getting enough protein can be hard, especially protein that doesn't come with too many calories or too much sugar. That’s why Premier Protein® makes delicious, healthy protein products. Each of our 11oz. pre-mixed shakes contains 30g protein, 160 calories, and just 1g sugar – which are a convenient way to get your protein during post-surgery recovery. Our protein bars contain 30g protein, 3g fiber, and are tasty protein snack for patients a few months out of surgery. 

    Costco, Sam's Club, BJ's Club, Walmart, and many grocery locations carry Premier Protein® products at a great value. Check out our store locator on  to find a store near you. And ask your local support group members if they have tried Premier Protein®!

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    I've had a really hard time tracking the new flavors down. Finally found a 4 pack of the Cookies & Cream at my local Wal-Mart, I liked the flavor a lot! I had no problems drinking it, texture was good. I'd like to try More...

    avatar Cathy W. on April 26, 2018 for Premier Protein Caramel Shake

    I love anything with caramel so Premier Protein's Caramel shake is a mainstay for me. I also use it in one of the ObesityHelp recipes that I make regularly. It is also fantastic for coffee instead of boring cream or creamers.

    I use Premier Protein ready-to-drink shakes in my coffee. They are better than using cream or creamers for the nutrition and my coffee tastes much better by adding their shakes. I bought the Premier Protein Cookies and Cream and love it! The flavor is delicious More...