2019 ObesityHelp Conference: Clothing Exchange

Ready to say goodbye to some of your clothes?
In need of new clothing?

Then the ObesityHelp clothing exchange is for you!

It can be frustrating to find clothing that fits properly during each phase of your journey and it can be expensive to update your wardrobe after surgery when clothing sizes are changing rapidly. At the ObesityHelp National Conference, we will have a dedicated room exclusively for the clothing exchange! The clothing exchange has a restroom nearby, so attendees can privately try on the clothes.

Drop off your donated clothing and shop throughout the day!

This is a 100% free clothing exchange, there are no fees or money exchanged for the donated clothing. Clothing donations are appreciated and will go to another person making their way through their WLS journey. Don’t leave empty handed, swap your clothes out for ones that fit you at your new size! You don’t have to donate to walk away with new clothes of your own.

Tips for Clothing Exchange

  • Please donate gently used, washed clothing
  • Accessories are welcome (belts, scarves, purses etc)
  • All adult sizes are needed
  • Open to all attendees (pre & post-op)
  • Donations not required in order to benefit from the exchange
  • Clothes not taken or left over by the end of the conference will be donated to a charity in the area

Clothing Exchange Sponsor