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2022 OH National Conference


Get answers to our most commonly asked questions about ObesityHelp National Conference. Please check this guide before contacting us.

I'm not sure if I should attend? Is the OH Conference the right fit for me?

I’m in the pre-op stages of my journey, should I attend?
Definitely! It is a great way to learn about the next stages of your journey, while also building a support system with the people you meet at the Conference. You’ll have the opportunity to attend a variety of sessions, ask questions during the Q&A panels and even try free sample products in the Exhibitor area.

Is there value in attending the conference if I am a long term post-op?
The value to long-term post-ops are immediate and long lasting.  Members that have attended ObesityHelp conferences years ago, still fondly post about their conference memories and many have become regular attendees.  As a long-term post-op, you’ll have an opportunity to connect with other long-term post-ops, learn new to share experiences, motivated by other attendees, speakers and break-out sessions, and become rejuvenated with your own healthy lifestyle as a post-op.

I’m scared to attend because I have had some regain. I’m not sure if I should come?
You aren’t alone with experiencing regain, there are others in attendance that are struggling with regain too. There are also attendees that have regained and found ways to combat it. You will be accepted, receive great information and be supported at the same time!

I’m a bariatric professional, can I attend?
Absolutely! Bariatric professionals are welcome and encouraged to attend. If you’d like any additional details, please contact us!

Phone: 1-866-WLS-INFO (957-4636)
Kim: Ext. 386

Is the conference the only open to patients, or can I bring a support person with me?

We truly believe that we are making the journey together! The support people in our lives are essential, we welcome and encourage you to bring anyone that you want involved in your weight loss surgery journey. Many people that attend our conferences bring their spouse, partner, co-worker, friends and family members!

Are there ID requirements or an age limit to participate in the conference?

No ID is required and there is no age limit, however please keep in mind that some topics may not be appropriate for children.

When will I receive my tickets?

As soon as you purchase your tickets, you will be sent an email with your ticket attached. Please print-out your ticket and bring it to the conference registration the day-of the conference.

Is there a specific dress code?

We do not require a specific dress code. Here are some suggestions for the various parts of the conference:

Day-time sessions: Since you will be sitting in sessions all day, we highly recommend dressing for comfort! Sometimes the rooms can be on the cool side, if you get cold easy, you may want to dress in layers or bring a sweater.

Friday Night Meet & Greet: The meet & greet is a Halloween costume party. Make sure to pack your favorite costume if you’d like to participate (costume optional).

Saturday Night Fashion Show & After Party: While some people tend to get more fancy in dressing for the fashion show and the closing party, we want you to be comfortable and enjoy yourself, so please use your discretion in choosing your outfits.Keep in mind, there is a photo booth to drag your friends into, and our photographer will be snapping away the whole evening!

How can I participate in the Fashion Show? Do I have to dress fancy?

Sign-Ups: We’ll have a fashion show sign-up form available soon! Watch for the sign-up announcement on the ObesityHelp Conference Facebook page.

Outfits: We want you to wear what you love! The Fashion Show only requires an outfit that you feel great in and want to be photographed in. It can be work clothing, casual clothing, activewear, or as dressy as you want to be. Totally your choice!

I'd like to attend the free plastic surgery consultations, what are those like?

They vary depending on the surgeon but overall you should expect the plastic surgery consultation to be very similar to an office consultation. Consultations last 30 minutes and include an exam to go over your concerns about excess skin and contouring.

Be prepared to discuss:

•  Your expectations and desired outcome

•  General health status, medical conditions & treatments, allergies, and previous surgeries

•  Your surgery options and recommended course of treatment, as well as likely outcomes

Please watch for our online signups for free private consultations with any or all of the consulting surgeons. You must be a registered (ticketed) attendee to be able to schedule consultations.

I can only attend on Saturday, is there a Saturday only registration?

There is one registration price and it's all-inclusive; you can choose to use it only one day if you wish, but there is only one price.  We’d love to see you whenever you can make it!

I'm not sure if I can come yet, can I buy a ticket at the door last minute?

Absolutely! We have staff on hand that will help you purchase your ticket and get you registered.

What should I bring to the conference?

Here are some ideas:

1.  Notebook: Many attendees find it helpful to bring a small notebook so that they can take notes during the sessions, as well as to write down the contact information for the new friends they make at the conference.

2.  Camera: If you’d like to capture some of the memories made during the conference, a camera is a must!

3.  Before Photo: If you are post-op, it is great to bring your “before” photo to share with your peers.

4.  Spending Money: There is an exhibitor area where some of the vendors sell their products during the conference.

5.  Dancing Shoes: There is a lot of opportunity for dancing on Friday & Saturday!

6.  Clothes that no longer fit you: We have a clothing exchange, feel free to bring clothes to donate. AND room in your suitcase to take some home!

7.  and most importantly, bring YOU!

Will there be provided meals and/or beverages?

Your OH2022 ticket will include lunch on Saturday, and beverage stations will be available on both days. For other meals, attendees have many selections nearby and onsite.

How does the clothing exchange work?

Clothing donations are appreciated and will go to another person making their way through their WLS journey. Don’t leave empty handed, swap your clothes out for ones that fit you at your new size! You don’t have to donate to walk away with new clothes of your own. More details here.

I want to ask a question during the Q&A. What do I need to do?

This will be an interactive session where panelists will answer questions submitted live from the audience. To ask a question, simply raise your hand and when the moderator calls on you, stand up so our staff member can bring you a microphone. The moderator and staff will work to help keep the Q & A moving so we can get in as many questions as possible during the session and stay on schedule.

Is there a fee for parking?

Self-parking is discounted to $15 per car per day for attendees and overnight guests.  It includes in and out privileges. Valet parking is $39 per car per day.

I'm interested in carpooling, splitting a room, and/or meeting up with other attendees for meals. How can I arrange that?

We have a very active Facebook Conference page where attendees discuss carpooling and splitting hotel room costs! Also, be sure to keep an eye on that page while you’re at the conference because attendees will post meal and extra activity plans. Please jump right in and join the discussions, or you could even create a new one.


Does the conference hotel provide airport shuttles?

The Hilton provides free airport shuttles for hotel guests to and from John Wayne Airport only.

Do you have scholarships available?

With the support of our Platinum Sponsor Premier Protein, we are pleased to announce that ObesityHelp has implemented a financial need-based program for conference tickets. A huge thank you to both sponsors!

Please note - there are a limited number of scholarships and they cover the cost of a conference ticket only. It does not include travel, lodging or meals. Initial consideration is given to first-time attendees that have not previously received a scholarship.

At this time, we are no longer accepting scholarship applications! Current applications are being processed and recipient will be notified of their scholarship status.


I'm no longer able to attend. Can I transfer my ticket to someone else or get a refund?

We’re sorry you can’t make it, but here are some options for you:
  • Pre-Register for Next Year: Better yet, use this ticket to get pre-registered for the next OH Conference!
  • Ticket Transfers: Transfer/Sell your ticket to someone else (we would need their name and email address to contact and ticket transfer). They would need to pay you directly. No refund would be necessary.
  • Refund Policy: Refund to your original form of payment if requested no less than 60 days prior to October 3, 2020. Refunds may take two weeks to process.
Call or email:
Kim, 866-957-4636 ext. 386