2019 ObesityHelp Conference: Meet & Greet Costume Party

Past attendees will agree one of the best parts of an ObesityHelp Conference is spending time with friends. Whether you’ve been friends for years, meeting your long time online friends in person for the first time, or best yet making NEW friends, the Meet & Greet Costume Party is the perfect setting to connect with each other!

This year’s Meet & Greet is also a costume party! It is time to let your imagination run wild and show off your creative side. Go ahead and get out the glitter and show us your crafty side! Grab your favorite sidekick to create a duo costume or get together with a group of three+ friends and start planning now to create a group themed costume.

* For this party, a costume is recommended but not required.

Watch Highlights from the Meet and Greet from OH2018!

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The costume party was a blast! All of the costumes were awesome. I think Jake from State Farm, and Little Red Riding Hood with her companion dog dressed as the big bad wolf, were among my favorites. Our group of Greek Mythology themed costumes that we called “The Olympians” won the group costume contest. I never win costume contests at weight loss conferences that was another first for me too!

- Pandora Williams