on 7/18/11 2:52 am - OR
I have finally made it onederland and I have lost 100lbs. I feel so much better now that I have some of this weight off. I am at 191 and want to get to about 150 or 140. I can't believe how much more I can do. Over the weekend I did dome spring cleaning and went up and down the stairs I don't know how many times but I was able to do this with very little effort. Before the surgery I would avoid the stairs at all cost. It feels so good to feel healthy again. I just wish I would have done this sooner.
on 7/25/11 8:40 am - maryland, NY
It's a wonderful feeling breaking that 200 pound mark. Congratulations on loosing 100 pounds. Be sure to get your century card>

Lapbanded 9-16-08 revision from Lapband to RNY on January 11, 2011
HW 273/ 1st surgery 243/Lapband removed 260/ Current 172/ Goal weight 169


on 8/18/11 3:29 pm - Canada
Doesn't it feel terrific!
on 9/22/11 5:22 am - CA
Omg! Congratulations! all this in 9 months? i am pending my surgery on 12/2/11 i had lapband in 9/09 which has slipped and although it was working fine up until june i have gained 30lbs of the 90lbs i lost in 2years. i am so dissapointed. but any way CONGRAGULATIONS!
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