Curious about weight before and after surgery

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on 3/16/10 10:27 am - Honolulu, HI
I hope this is not being to personal, but I am curious to see how others are before and after their surgery and what surgery they have done and how long they are post op.

My weight today is 191.  I am 5'3" and having the RNY on the 22nd of March.  I hope to be down to at least 140 at goal weight. 
on 3/17/10 4:30 am
My weight today is 220.  I am 5'5" and having the RNY on 3/31.
on 3/18/10 10:03 am - Carthage, IN
Hello, this question to me is not too personal. I tried figuring out myself how much weight I would loose after surgery.
I had the RNY done on Sep. 16, 2009 which was 6 monthes and 2 days ago. I am 4'11" and my presurgery weight was 234. I am now down 79 pounds and weigh in at 155. The change is so dramatic and flew by for me. 
I wish you all the best and will keep you in my prayers on your surgery date. Please feel free to email anytime you have questions or just wanna talk. You can also friend request me on the OH site.
on 3/20/10 9:11 am - Huntsville, AL

I had my surgery 12 days ago and I'm down 16lbs since surgery, I had RNY.
on 3/20/10 9:54 am - New York, NY
I had the sleeve on 3/3. I'm down 16 Pounds since surgery

   Highest Weight: 380                      Consult Weight: 357             Surgery Weight: 309 
Goal Weight: 220 (9/29/10)      Revised Goal Range 215-220         Current Weight: 224
Plastics: Circumferential Lower Body Lift - 11/18/2011
              Gynecomastia - 6/14/2012

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