March 12

on 3/17/10 4:09 am - Earlsboro, OK

5 Days post-op and I'm wondering if any body else had surgery last Friday and how they are doing? As for me? It really depends on when you ask.


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on 3/17/10 9:06 am
I had my surgery on March 12. I had the sleeve. I got my staples out today and I have lost 18 lbs from my pre op visit.  I am sore, and if I could quit getting tickles that make me cough, I would be a lot less sore. I am already tired of drinking my food, and I can't seem to drink enough (even though I feel like I am drinking constantly). I hope you are doing good right now.

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on 3/18/10 12:20 pm - Irvine, KY
I had mine on Wednesday, March 10, and Im doing alright.  My biggest problem so far has been being tired...which is a combo of things Im sure... surgery!  But Im having a hard time getting in all my protein and water... though it does seem to be getting easier each day to drink more.  I just absolutely HATE the protein shakes... I would rather eat cardboard!  lol  You would think they could make a way to make it taste better huh?
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on 3/19/10 2:09 am
VSG on 03/02/10 with
Have you tried the New Whey Protein drinks? I call them "bullets". They come in a test tube looking thing and I mix it with my water so, I get both done really easily. They taste like jello. There are 42 grams in a serving. I divide the serving into 2 (20 oz) water drinks. I mix half of it with something like Crystal Lite and drink 2 of those a day. I try to get the rest of my protein via food. ( 1 scrambled egg (7 grams), Peanut Butter (8 grams), etc.....)

I've also heard Nectar is good. However, I think you have to order it online. You can get New Whey at GNC.

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on 3/20/10 9:16 am - Huntsville, AL
I had my surgery on 3/8, I feel great, the pain in my side is finally starting to subside and I just feel like I have a ton of energy.  I've noticed that the weight loss is starting to slow a bit, but I'm still down 16lbs.
Amanda S.
on 3/26/10 3:05 am
I had my RNY on 3/12.  So far I am doing good, though protien is my hardest thing...the shakes are just too sweet for me.  I think I will look into the New Whey, hopefully it will work.


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