Lapband on 3/8th, I've only lost about 6lbs

on 3/17/10 2:07 pm - FL
should I be worried about that weight loss? what has everyone lost so far?
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on 3/18/10 2:28 am - Honolulu, HI
I have not had my surgery yet, but from talking to many others about their weight loss after surgery it all varies depending on your size and all.  I believe 6 pounds in 10 days is great.  The weight will come off in due time.  Just make sure to follow the plan and get in some exercise when you can.

Congrats on your loss.
on 3/19/10 2:13 am
VSG on 03/02/10 with
I had the sleeve doen on March 2nd and I have only lost 5 lbs since then. It is a little frustrating and disappointing, but eventually somethings got to give. I don't eat enough to keep a bird alive. Surely this will kick in soon.

Good luck and just keep doing what your doing.

on 3/20/10 9:51 am - New York, NY
Are you getting your protein and water in. That's important.

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on 3/30/10 4:30 am
No, I think you are right on target.  My coworker got the Lapband on 3/3 and she's down 11 pounds.
The weight will come off; it's just a little slower with the lapband. 

I'm 3 weeks out and I am down 27 pounds. Not as fast as some people on here, but it'll happen for all of us....
on 4/7/10 4:11 am - FL
you're very successful in my eyes, what are you doing?
on 4/14/10 2:29 pm
I got my band on 3/17 and lost 10 lbs in 10 days and then a few in the next week and nearly nothing since then. (Half the weight on my ticker was lost preop.) Everything I see says we bandsters are not supposed to be losing weight like crazy at first and mostly just healing. The real weight loss starts once you get fills in the bands. So take it easy and treat yourself right and just believe that it'll happen cause it will.

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