Chew, chew , chew!

(deactivated member)
on 3/30/10 3:26 am - La Crosse, WI

I am doing a lot of chewing! LOL

I am eating lots of chicken, fish, ground beef and dairy. I am able to eat meats without any problems as long as I REAL chew it well. Can anyone else relate??

Today for lunch I am having salmon with sun dried tomato pesto and cottage cheese with 2 orange slices.

Dana K.
on 3/30/10 5:53 am - Winchester, VA
RNY on 03/01/10 with
I feel like I'm spending my entire day chewing...LOL.
I'm happy to hear that everything is going so well for you!!
Oranges sound so good...I have to wait a couple more weeks. My nut said no fruit with membranes until after my next appt. (Apr. 19).
on 4/4/10 10:47 pm - Stedman, NC
This is what I am having issues with.  I used to be such a fast eater and its the bad habit I'm trying hard to break.  4 weeks out of surgery now and I am supposed to be able to eat anything, but I can only stomach watermelon, strawberries, canned veggies (carrots and peas).  I live off protein shakes right now.  Everything else that I try to eat comes right back up.  I need to learn to chew really well.
on 4/21/10 7:02 am - Thunder Bay, Canada
I can eat all meats as well and really haven't had a problem with any food.  I do try to chew really well, but I have a terrible habit of talking while I'm eating (especially when my kids are around) and sometimes I end up swallowing too fast because of that...or sometimes a piece of food slips down before it is supposed to.  So while I haven't had anything "stuck", I have had pain and discomfort right between my ribs because a too-big piece went down.  It, fortunately, has passed fairly quickly (sometimes with some painful sips of water) but I really have to be more careful with that. 
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