on 5/9/11 2:28 pm - marysville, WA
are you as excited and scared as me?
on 5/10/11 8:17 am - MI
 Me me me!!!!!

I am SO excited about the surgery.  Not really scared anymore.  I was scared, but mostly I was scared that I wasn't going to be approved for surgery.  This was a big decision, but I feel VERY good about it.


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on 5/10/11 8:50 am - marysville, WA
I am very scared lol i have never had surgury before so this is all new to me. my excitment for everything that will come of it is definetly out weighing anything though.
on 5/16/11 6:20 am - LA
VSG on 05/23/11 with
Add me to the May 23rd club! I'm excited and scared. I'm going to MX by myself and have told almost no one that I'm having the surgery. I might talk about it after, but for right now, mum's the word!
on 5/17/11 4:06 am - OR
I am as scared as you are if you are really scared:)  This week is crawling by but also going fast, I'm scared and excited, I am all over the place I will just be glad when it is over and I am still alive:) and recovering.  Best of luck to you
on 5/17/11 11:55 pm - WA
My date was moved from May 24th to the 23rd.   I'm excited....but nervous I might get cancelled.  I wasnt supposed to smoke...and I have....I had a few over the weekend and a couple last night....I wont have any more since only 5 days till surgery......just hope that is enough time.....starting chantix after surgery.....Good luck to you all!!!!!!!!
Dashannon :)                    
Katie K.
on 5/19/11 1:50 am - Grand Haven, MI
ME!!!! I am also on the 23rd.. Excited, nervous... at this stage all my feelings are kind of mushed together.. I will work on them this weekend.. LOL
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