May 12th Am I all alone here?

on 5/11/11 10:32 am
I have not seen anyone else with May 12th as a date.  I'm sitting here pondering what tomorrow holds...BTW...My Dr. didn't require a bowel prep or preop liquid diet, I was told to eat light on the day prior to surgery.  Exactly what is light???  One pizza and two subs and a liter of diet cola?  I didn't get to this size by being a good judge of really made me laugh.  We'll see tomorrow.
Sabrina J.
on 5/17/11 2:30 am - Sacramento, CA

Hehe  I can relate!  I wasn't required to do a pre-op diet either, but I DO have to drink a bottle of magnesium citrate tomorrow evening (so gross!).

Anyway... Let me be the first to say Congratulations on your wls and Best Wisher for a speedy recoevery!!  

~ Sabrina J.        
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