I miss FOOD!

on 5/14/11 6:40 am - NC
I am on my 2 week full liquid diet, and it sucks!  Everyone keeps saying it gets better, but when?

They had a mexican style burrito spread at here party and pineapple upside down cake.  It looked AMAZING.  

When I got in the car i started sobbing because I am hungry and I miss food so much.  What has been everyones savior during this super sucky time?

Please help!
Sabrina J.
on 5/17/11 2:36 am - Sacramento, CA

Omg... why did you have to mention pineapple upside down cake?!?!?    Although I haven't been required to do the liquid diet thing, I've been having my own battle; I call it my food "bucket list"!! Lol

Now that pesky voice is saying, "I want to taste pineapple upside down cake, just one... more... time........"!   arrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhh.......


~ Sabrina J.        
on 5/17/11 7:22 am - NC
 LOL, sorry to mention the P word!  I had a food bucket list too, and thats exactly what I called it too!

Great minds think alike 

Sabrina J.
on 5/17/11 7:30 am - Sacramento, CA
Lmao!  Awesome!    
~ Sabrina J.        
Lisa R.
on 5/18/11 8:44 am - CA
 I hate to tell you this, but that is exactly how I felt AFTER having the surgery!  After getting out of the hospital I went home to continue my recovery and was watching TV and every commercial is about food and the shows I watched they all ate food.  It was a mental hunger, but also my body was starving from only liquids.

A week out of surgery they let me have soft proteins and that helped a little.  I also ate everything I could get my hands on before the surgery thinking that it was going to be my last time...blah blah blah.  I wish I had not done that.  It was harder after surgery because of that.  

Stick to your diet, trust me it will help you later and you will be happy you did it.  Your body is addicted to food and this will help to break the addiction.  That's my advice.
on 5/18/11 9:19 am - NC
 I am starting to get used to it now, it just still sucks.  We had a pot luck at school today.... why couldn't this happen BEFORE my liquids.  I am sticking to it though, haven't cheated yet 

It just gets frustrating, and it makes me angry.  Oh well, only 5 more days.  Thanks for your advise.

on 5/22/11 9:05 am - NY
I am right there with you.  I have to go until thurs on liguids i am noticing foods everywhere.  I am so hungary. I have not cheated yet but glad the weekend is almost over because I do better when I am working hard.  Good luck!
on 5/22/11 9:34 am - NC
 I do better at work as well.  Luckily my surgery is tomorrow, so I will now have some help with the liquid thing.  I wish you all the luck on your liquids, as well as your surgery!  I made it, and I am sure you will too!
on 5/22/11 11:57 am - NY
Goog luck tomorrow so glad you date has arrived Come on Thursday get here!!!
(deactivated member)
on 5/23/11 8:13 am
mmmmmmm, food.i feel your pain.i am dealing with the sme thing here but right now i wish i could eat.im making supper for my family(i find thats the hardest thing ) only 3 more days to go for both of us
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