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on 7/13/15 11:33 pm - OH

So I see its been a year and half since anyone's posted.  But I'm gonna post anyway just in case anyone is still looking in occasionally.  So it's been six years can you believe it.  Nope me either.  I've gained back 50 lbs.  The sad thing is I just cant even motivate myself to stop eating.  I don't eat like a normal person but I can still eat a look of junk food.  I so miss those early days when it was impossible to overeat, well you could but then it all came spewing back out.   .  The odd thing is I do still dump just not as severe as before.  Sometimes i'll be like why and I so sweaty and shaky?  Oh yeah I'm dumping.  I've been considering a revision but sadly not sure I want to give up the sugar right now.  I was so sure I was not going to be one of those people, you know the re-gainers and here I am.  I did find out I lost 11 lbs today.  You would think I'd be excited.  But everything is just so hard right not nothing excites me.  My mother is seriously sick and I've put so much energy into taking care of her I just don't have anything left for myself.  Feeling pretty desperate right now.  I don't know why I'm writing all this I guess I need to vent and nobody else would understand me, plus it'll probably another four years before anyone thinks to come back here and read this and maybe by then I'll be back to normal.  Well I guess actually I'm back to normal now, maybe I'll be back to the me I was the first after surgery.  I wish there was a support group to go to.  I know they have them for the newbies but I wouldn't want to discourage anyone.  It was still the best decision I ever made even though I was embarrassed to tell anyone. 


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on 1/14/16 4:09 pm - anchorage, AK

Wow, I didn't know people still posted! I wanted to stop in and see if anybody has checked in. Well, hi there! How much total did you lose? 50lbs just doesn't seem like that bad of a gain to me. Especially when people gain back ALL the weight they lost and sometime more!

I just wanted to let you know that its ok to stress eat and gain a little weight. Its part of life, part of being a woman! You will be fine! I hope all is well, and hopefully you come back and check in some more!

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on 1/31/16 7:42 am - OH

OMG Selitia I had no idea anyone came here anymore.  Thank you for responding. I lost 142 originally so the 50 lbs puts me scary closer to original weight.  

I have gone back to 1 good habit tho walking, I bought a pedometer and my goal is 10000 steps, no where near that but increasing steadily.  It makes me feel good and gives me a little time to be alone with my thoughts. 

Feeling motivated to try a few dietery goals.  At least to stop drinking with meals.

How are you?

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Kathy J.
on 3/22/16 4:55 pm - Flint, MI

Hello... I haven't been on here for a long time. I've regained 30 pounds back after a 140 weight lost. It is so hard.... I workout and lately been watching what I been putting in my mouth... My problem I am a night time eater. I have insomnia and I am up and down eating junk food. I am going back to the basics and start my walking again... I workout in a fitness center but I need to pound the pavement... Good luck with your weight loss journey and I will be checking in from time to time to see how you are doing.

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