low red blood cells and iron

on 8/10/10 11:42 am - SPRING CITY, PA
i,m having proplems with low red cells and low iron. has anybody else had this problem? i've been good for over 6 years till the last couple of months.
on 8/17/13 6:46 pm - Wrightwood, CA

Yes I have problem with my iron. I become anemic a lot. I refuse to take iron pills because they constipate. But I try to take spinach(green foods) and a daily vitamins that help. I have had some complications. I have had two bleeding ulcers that bled.


One last year.....that one I caught in time. The other one 3-4 years ago and I need blood transfusion.


But iron I am always having problem with....and the shots hurt. I also b12.......and a lot of other vitamins. I know medical insurance ad not many can afford. I am fortunate. But try to take your vitamins. I am 10 years out.....and believe me I rely on my vitamins a lot.

But yes.....Iron and b-12, calcium I am always need to bring it up.


They did other blood work and I need to increase my foliate, beta carotene and my protein BIG TIME.

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on 10/11/10 10:49 pm - NJ
I have to admit that I have only had my bloodwork run once or twice. Bad I know.
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low red blood cells and iron
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