Face lift before goal weight?

on 7/9/06 9:10 pm - philadelphia, PA
Hello all Sept People I'm 53 and have gone from 370 to 225. So, I still have a bunch to lose before goal weight. Almost all my skin sag seems to be hidden by my clothes. My face, however, is really "hanging out" there. Is it true we lose from our face first? Thanks for any Ruth
on 7/10/06 10:57 pm - Indianapolis, IN
Hmmm....I don't know about losing it in the face first....or if after you lose X lbs that you won't lose more in the face. My PS advised me to wait on any ps until I was within 20 lbs of my final goal weight to achieve the best posible results from the ps. I have 13 more lbs to go till I'll be able to do that. I know that was mainly referring to the body lift, but I'm glad I waited on all of it because it seems like my face sags more & more every day. just me.. Sherri
on 7/12/06 1:38 am
My face doesn't seem to be really "sagging", but my wrinkles sure are "defined"!! (That sounds MUCH better, don't you think?) I also have "bags" under my eyes that I never noticed before!!! When people comment on my wrinkles I just tell them that I EARNED every one of them and I'm keeping them!!! LOL Hugs, Pam
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