on 9/23/06 9:31 am - Bellport, NY
RNY on 09/21/04 with
I'm officially 2 years out asnd for the most part doing well, but I am stressing b/c I gained 7 pounds and that fear of being obese resurfaced immediately. Has anyone else had this experience? Am I stressing myself unnecessarily? Any input will be helpful. Thanks
on 9/24/06 11:34 pm - Naperville, IL
Hi Dawn, I am 3 days shy of my 2 year anniversary and am up 9lb in the last 5 months! Up 3, then 5 and now 9... each step saying to myself there is no way I am going to let this happen. I had a breast re-do surgery in May and then moved at the end of May. With all the stress of the move to a new house that was filled with unexpected problems combined with not being able to exercise I started to slip and have not been able to get back on track. I am back on track with my exercise, but not with my food. I am going to try 3 100 cal protein drinks a day (starting today) and see if that will help with my snacking/sweet intake. This probably doesn't help you, but at least you will know you are not alone. Good luck, Karen
on 9/25/06 11:10 pm - Chenoa, IL
Dawn! You NOT alone! You didn't mention why you might have gained the weight? If you haven't changed anything, perhaps this is an "expected" gain because we are absorbing more nutrients/calories being further out? I find myself stressing more about regaining weight more than ever! I had a 5lb gain last month and totally freaked! I had a long talk with myself and went back to basics...protein, vitamins, water...When I wanted to graze, I would truly stop and "check in" with my pouch. Was it really hungry or did I just want to satisfy some emotion? I then drink a glass of ice water and tell myself if I'm really still wanting to have something to eat, 30 minutes after the water, I will have ________. Funny...I usually forget about the food! Yes..the 5lbs came off but it took a couple weeks.. Hang in there!!! This food addiction of ours is for life..but we have the tool to fight it! (and I hope YOU will remind me of that when I'm one feeling like I'm losing it!!) Thanks for posting! The struggles being 2 years out are certainly challenging! Beth
Lynn J
on 9/26/06 7:27 am - LA
Dawn, I haven't gained but I want to lose a few more pounds and I only lost 1 lb in March and 1 lb in June. I am scared to death that I will gain. My husband and I joined a gym in July and we go about 5 or 6 times a week. I just don't keep any temptations in the house. I only keep good snacks in the house. My biggest problem is not drinking enough water. I hate to drink water. Good luck! Lynn J., lap RNY 9/29/04 306/146/135 5'4"
on 11/11/06 12:29 am
I have gained 15 in the past 7 months...2lbs a month and it just started creeping back up. My vices are sweets and alcohol. I have cut the booze, and am struggling with the sweets...the key is not having them at the house and trying not the eat them at work...there's always so many goodies in a hospital.. Seriously though, my weight gain has put me in see why I am sabotaging myself. I am so glad to see I am not alone. Peace-KT
on 1/9/07 5:02 am
Hi Katie, Have you gotten any answers from therapy? I've considered it, but cannot really afford it... I have only gained and lost the same two lbs for about 3 months now, but I put on some pants the other day and had to take them back off because the waist was too tight!! That's the FIRST time that has happened and it scares the bejeepers out of me!!! Now granted, it could have just been "water", but I cannot take that chance. I also know that I am OBSESSED with eating and drinking and cannot seem to get a grip. PLEASE tell me what your therapist has said regarding this. Thanks. Hugs to you!! Pam
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