Gastric bypass revision.......

on 4/12/07 11:05 pm - piscataway, NJ
Hello all,. I had surgery in Sept. 2004. I'm thinking of a revision on 5/04 because I am able to eat far too much, I can eat sweets and snack w/o dumping! Original lost 80lbs, but have gained back 25. My surgeon is suggesting a smaller pouch thru revision. Has anyone done this or amI all alone here? Steel
on 4/12/07 11:41 pm - Naperville, IL
I am sure you are not alone.... I wish you all the best! I lost 110 lbs and had gained back 12lbs but now am up 8lbs... I am really working on not eating sweets... that is my biggest problem. I too can eat w/out dumping, wish those days were back. I never was a big dumper, but I would start to feel very very ill. Rather than feel terrible I too would consider a revision if it got to that point. You do what feels right for you. Karen
on 4/13/07 2:13 am - piscataway, NJ
Hi Karen, Thanks for the encouragement! I kind of new something like this might be needed because from the initial surgery my weight loss was not as expected in comparison to most. But, I also know that I nned to make a major shift in my focus this time. Steel
on 4/12/07 11:42 pm - Tinley Park, IL
Revision on 03/21/07 with
You are not alone i failed my surgery and was given a secondchance at it you can do it also i'm saying a prayer that it works out for you good luck to you Tema
on 4/15/07 12:49 pm
Hi! I too am having some problems and while I havent gained any weight I was wondering if I aam able to eat too much. I pray for you and I hope all goes well! Love Amybee
on 4/16/07 3:47 am - Lewiston, ME
I have a few friends who had revisions---they did great with them---don't be hard on yourself----I tried sweets after I swore I never would and its the same for me no dumping but I feel sick sometimes---today I started to regroup and start focusing on what I should do---I gained 12 lbs since January---just overeating. If a smaller pouch will help you then I say go for it---if it helps you feel better than you owe it to yourself--Good Luck April
on 4/16/07 6:48 am - piscataway, NJ
April, Thanks for the news, I was thinking I was the "only" one here who it didn't take with. I do realize the bad habits I picked up, and i'm praying that this knowledge will help me. I also have the knowledge of how easily i fell back into my "old" ways! Thanks again. Steel
on 9/2/07 5:42 pm - Cashton, WI
Did you have to pay for the revision? Just curious. Thanks! Sherry
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