whaa... still no date

Oh, Donna
on 8/2/04 9:14 am - North Bay Area, CA
My surgeon said to call in the beginning of August to get my September date. (a little background, I've been approved since April, all my preop tests done since June. I could have had surgery as early as August 1, but wanted to wait until Sept. when the kids were going back to school) SO. I've been waiting for a date since June. Policy at my Dr.'s hospital, all dates for Sept. open up August 1st. So, he said to call back early August to get my date. I called today. He is out of his office until August 16th! His secretary insists I will have my surgery in early September, but I can't find out the actual date until August 16th!!!!!! "WHAT?!", I said. I've been waiting since JUNE to get a date and now I might find out my date and have surgery a few weeks later? Nothing like waiting until the last min. huh? My husband is waiting to get the date 'cause his job wants him to travel to Alaska, my MIL is coming and will be here the first two weeks of September (she had to go ahead and book her flight without me having a surgery date...). DARN! I guess mine and my family's life doesn't count... drop whatever you're doing and come have surgery in two weeks. Donna
on 8/2/04 12:42 pm - sullivans island, SC
BUMMER!!!!! That would really bug the heck out of me! I am far too anal and like to plan ahead! Soooooooooo, go for Sept 1 and be my twin! Good luck! Wesie
Oh, Donna
on 8/2/04 12:59 pm - North Bay Area, CA
Me too! I can go with the flow a lot of the times, but when it comes to making plans to take care of my family... and now my husband may be TAD! Just because I can't get a date????????? This upsets me to say the least. Why didn't he (surgeon) tell me in June or July when I talked to him and his secretary that he wouldn't be in his office for the first two + weeks of August ? HUH? No, instead he tells me to call back the the first few days of August and he will give me a date... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
on 8/2/04 10:25 pm - W. Bridgewater, MA
That just downright sucks....Sorry....You know why do doctors do this to us?? I'd be pissed too. I have a doc that believes that everyones schedule MUST revolve around HIS schedule. Who cares if you have kids so you need to find a sitter, or you have to find a ride, or you can't get out of work to be there in time cuz the train won't allow you to be there, or whatever the cir****tance.....GGGGGGGGGrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I am so sorry that your surgeon is making you wait like this. I was going to post to you today but you beat me to the punch. I have been thinking about you and wondering how things were going with you. I'll go and kick his @$$ for you and make him give you a date. (((((HUGS))))) Erin
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