WOW moment

on 12/30/06 7:55 am - Galveston, TX
I guess I think I am still a 48DDD ha ha ha. I was in the store and I ask the lady if they had a larger blouse because I hate for the button to pull across my big boobs. You should have seen how she looked at me and at my BIG BOOBS. Maam you don't have big boobs. I knew she thought I had just escaped the nut house. I had to tell her I keep forgetting I've lost them. Now she really thinks I'm wacked. I went on and told her how much weight I had lost and my brain keeps forgetting the boobs aren't there any more.
on 1/20/07 8:20 am - Howell, NJ
Oh, Petty, that is RICH! Congratulations! It took forever for me to stop perusing the Lane Bryant and Catherine's catalogs that came in the mail. I don't have to shop there any more, YAY!
on 1/22/07 11:53 pm - Galveston, TX
IT was easy to give up the catalogs. What I am having a problem with is in the stores. I hold something up and say this is way too small. With my bone problem I never try any thing on in the store. I am so amazed when I get home and some things are still too big. It took forever to stop picking up 14s. I used to pick them up and say some day. Now I have to stop going in the Womens section. I feel lost in the Misses.
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