Tyring to get back on the "Band Wagon"

on 2/12/08 7:49 am - Chattanooga, TN
Lap Band on 12/19/05 with
Can anyone give me advise of how to re-teach/relearn all the things we are so excited about when we first start? How do you recapture the enthusiasm? Also any tips on diets..as in eating habits not "fad diets" and what got you motivated so far along in your journey? Here's a little history on me! I am 2 years and 2 months post op. I feel better than I have in years. I am down about 100-107 pounds depending on when I get on the scale...been fluctuating about 7 pounds for the past few months. Most of my loss happened in the first year. Last year was very hard personally for many reasons. However it is a new year and my dedication is higher. I know have insurance that covers fills and now am trying to find a Dr in my new home area to do the fills. (moved fall 07) I have been slow at my last 60 pounds of loss due to financial pinch with no insurance coverage, i.e. no fills and/or not enough of proper adjustments due to lack of funds to get proper adjustments. Now here I am next month will have new ins that will kick in and I feel I can start on my journey again. However I still slim from time to time...of course it is my fault, eating to fast, to much, or the wrong thing. So I need to get my head back in the game. At this point I have had a pretty loose band at only about 5 cc in a 11 cc band wince September 07. So I really have been at a stand still, sometimes gaining more and loosing (it is the holiday sweets I have the most trouble with....something's never seam to change)...you know those 7 pounds I was referring too earlier-see above. J Please give me ideas...if you share a similar story please share! Thanks TC
on 2/15/08 6:44 am
Hi Tonya - I am 2 years 2 months as of today and I have been at at standstill and even gained - today was my first day back on the wagon ( I had RYN)- I started off by seeing my surgeon and getting the ball rolling with him ordering labs and GI series- I too had financial pinches with no insurance coverage- but thhank GOD I am working full time and "permanent" as apposed to being a temp for the last 4 years. Have you tried the platau buster diet - I know it's lurking here - remembering protein first and lots of water - I even statred counting "points" with my coworkers who are on WW - PM me I am here!
on 3/31/08 8:11 am
I went to see my surgeon after my UGI and the results say my pouch is strecthed - this is what is says "gastric chamber measures 8.3 cm, transverse dimension 7.6 cm and 7.4 cm in maximum AP dimension-immediate emptying of the opacified stomach into the small intestine" and this is just 27 months out
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