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on 3/29/08 1:33 am
Hi All - I went to see my surgeon yesterday and got the results of my UGI - the hospital hadn't sent over the results yet - but we finally got them to fax it over and the dr and I looked at it for the first time together - well he said - I gotta sit down for this one - the results are that my pouch has streched - when the dr say this he said - " it didn't strectg it exploded :WTF: that did not make me feel good - so we had a good talk and I needed to make sure that he was commited to help me with this revision - he sent me over to the lady who handles the insurance so that she could find out what guidelines I needed to submit to the insurance - as I was with her he got on the phone with the Gastro dr that I had seen 2 1/2 years ago and was getting my appt so that I can get my EDG scope done again by him - I was very pleased that he was behind me and that he seems committed to help me with this PS - I gained another 5 lbs in 3 weeks - thanks for reading - Jo
on 3/31/08 8:10 am
I went to see my surgeon after my UGI and the results say my pouch is strecthed - this is what is says "gastric chamber measures 8.3 cm, transverse dimension 7.6 cm and 7.4 cm in maximum AP dimension-immediate emptying of the opacified stomach into the small intestine" and this is just 27 months out
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