Where are you now? Three years ago, we all were new...

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on 12/5/08 3:06 am

Hello fellow graduates!  Where are you?  This month is the third anniversary of our common adventure?  Where has the three year window led you in your journey?

Share the story.  It is reunion time.


hershey dream
on 12/5/08 1:48 pm - Duluth, GA
Today is my surgiversary and I have lost a grand total of 181 pounds.  I feel great!  Not one issue, thank the Lord!
Life is not about making it through the storm....but learning how to dance in the rain.      
on 12/5/08 8:36 pm

Awesome!  When you began this journey, did you have any clue what it would be like?

How has your life changed?  Physically?  Emotionally?  Relationships?

on 10/5/09 8:59 pm - Los Angeles, CA
I had no idea what this journey would be like, but so far, almost 4 years later, it has been incredible!  I am down to my goal weight of 125 lbs. for over 3 years now and have a daily routine of walking 4-6 miles, eating lots of protein and trying to stay away from the carbs, going to gastric support groups, going to Weigh****chers to learn a new lifestyle, etc., and it all seems to be working so far.  I still hold my breath each time I get on the scale and there are a lot of old habits that still need breaking, but I feel great, haven't had any problems, other than my appetite seems to have come back over the past year.  I don't know what keeps me going, other than the fact that NOTHING TASTES AS GOOD AS THIN FEELS!  As far as relationships and emotions are concerned, I have lost a few friends over the past few years as a direct result of my new lifestyle.  I still have the same husband of 31 years.  He has been extremely supportive and makes sure I have a fresh bottle of Crystal Light every morning instead of a cup of coffee.  I am now addicted to walking instead of food and that makes me feel great.  I look and feel like a totally different person and that's a little weird, but I welcome this and I know I'll get used to it eventually.  When I was told about gastric bypass 4 years ago, I didn't stop to think about the potential consequences regarding family and relationships, etc.  I was so miserable and depressed that I just wanted to change for the better.  I take each step as it comes, but I'm learning to be prepared for anything!  I have a great attitude about life now and have tons of energy.  Best wishes to everyone and keep posting!  It's so important to read what others, who have been out a while, have to say.

on 12/5/08 11:19 pm - Little Rock Area, AR
I was JUST thinking of doing this same thing!

I tell you what  - WLS has been one of the best things that has EVER happened to me!!  If I go back to my all-time-highest recorded weight, I have lost 170 pounds.  However, it's probably more like 190 from my highest UNrecorded weight!  And I give God all the glory!

I have fulfilled all of my pre-weight loss surgery goals including:
Sitting ANYWHERE comfortably
Sitting on the floor criss-cross applesauce with my kids
Buying clothes anywhere
RUNNING (I have run 4.5 miles at ONE time!  and finished a 5K!)
I work out - FAITHFULLY

I feel like a different person.  I nearly lost my life initially, but I have had very few complications since!! 

I have learned that I am addicted to food and it's still a daily struggle.  WLS is a wonderful thing, but it's WORK and if you think this is the easy way out, you are a fool.  I still struggle.  But, it's in a different way. 

I wore a size 32 at my largest.
I now wear a size 12 or L

I would still like to get down to 150 - but I am comfortable at 175.  I keep working and DO slide back into old habits.  But, God always brings me around.  It can be a roller coaster, but MOSTLY I am able to maintain and eat healthfully and the way God intended.

What about the rest of you?!  How are things going?!?!

on 12/9/08 2:28 am - VALLEJO, CA
Hi Vicky,
Dec 5th was my 3 year anniversary... I have lost 243lbs as of today...was  292 but have put back on 49lbs.. OH my goodness... My life is STILL so much better.
I am able to live again.. I am still fighting those food demons on a daily basis, and you can see from my gain.. I am losing the fight. I WILL gain control.. I have to. I am so blessed to have had this opportunity to throw it all away. That is why I really appreciate all of you.

How are you doing Vicky?
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on 12/9/08 3:50 am
Isn't it a wonderful life?  I know, way too corny.

I will be three years post op on the 14th.  I had zero complications.  Left the hospital pain meds free and went back to a desk job in less than two weeks.  I have lost right at 100 pounds, currently weighing 158 as of today.  Ideally, I think 145-149 is my target, but skin may have to get snipped off to get there.  I got to 175 in about ten months and then took the next eighteen months to lose down another few pounds to the current weight.  I have not bounced upward.....yet.

I am a diabetic and it is not fully resolved.  HOWEVER, my numbers are in absolute control with about 1/5 of the medication I took prior to surgery.  And all of that medicine on board still had my diabetes in chaos.  Now, I am a poster child of good control.

Emotionally it has been harder.  Learning to accept me as myself.  The not-so-subtle attention that turns your head.  The compliments along with the realization I wasn't accepted when I was fat.  It was the harder part for me.  I went back to the psych eval doctor this summer and find it very rewarding.  My professional life has skyrocketed.  Fat professionals are not welcomed everywhere.

What's next?  I still never made exercise a part of my life.  I will be fifty next year and KNOW if I don't move I will not hold on to strength and vitality.  I have taken a fondness to wine too far.  It is not a problem yet, but I can forsee a new issue if I don't keep it in check.  I am educating myself.

I sit anywhere.  I wear 10/12 down from 24/26.  My shoe size changed, too!  I am smaller than some of my friends so they give me hand me downs.  I weigh less now than I have ever weighed as a teen or adult.  I went to my 30th high school reunion.  THAT was very fun, indeed.  I hiked part of the Bright Angel Trail in the GRAND CANYON.  Freaking awesome!

I am still stunned when a man gives me attention in public.  It happened this weekend at a company Christmas Party.  My husband's (of 28 plus years) coworkers quickly went hollering for him.  They did not like the man dancing with me. (Huge party, several regions, over 900 guests, so no one knew everyone).  I just laughed.  He was young and cute.  (Golden Rule:  Don't leave me on the dance floor alone and this won't happen!)

What is next for you?  Are you still going to a support group?  (I am).  Do you keep up with other WLS post-ops?  Do you pay it forward when asked?

Keep sharing!  I loved so many of the posters here way back when.  I have such fond memories of the posts and the freak outs and the WOW moments. 
on 12/11/08 8:36 am - Struthers, OH
Hi every one

on the 12th I will be three years out..how cool.

I've lost 127 pounds, had a bunch of plastic surgery, got divorced, reconciled with the X, got a masters degree, moved to a nicer home and I'm happy as heck with the out come WLS.

I have a litle trouble with low blood sugar.
Other than that I feel healthy and good.
I do not eat sugar
I still eat high protien diet
carbs are fruit, whole grains and veggies.
I drink lots of water
when I am not recuperatin from PS I exercise regularly

Life is good

At last I have found freedom
TT/BL   4/14/07
BA/ Brachioplasty   11/22/07
LBL   4/21/08
Thigh Lift w/ lipo  11/17/08
on 12/27/08 8:26 am - Fort Worth, tx
Tomorrow is my three year anniversary.  I've lost a total of 165 lbs in those three years and have had plastic surgery twice.  My final plastic surgery is in March of next year.  Having gastric bypass has changed my life forever, and I'm constantly amazed by things that no amount of research could have prepared us for.  I thought going into surgery that I knew every single thing there was to know about what to expect.  But no one could prepare me for the difference in how we're treated in public, or how it feels to get unsolicited attention constantly, or the feeling of having a flat stomach for the first time ever in my life.

Regrets? Not a single one.  I wake up every morning and am thrilled to know that my life is changed FOREVER. 
Daniele M.
on 3/24/09 7:56 am - Mays Landing, NJ
Hello, My 3 yrnanniversary was 12/5/08.  As of today I have lost a total of 57 lbs. from the day of surgery.  I have maintained this weight since my 6month follow-up.  According to my surgeon I had 90lbs of excess weight.  In the big picture I guess I have done well.  However, I am not happy with less than 60lbs.  I have started going back to the basics and hoping that I can kick start my wl again. 
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