Happy 6th Birthday!

on 12/1/11 6:38 pm - Los Angeles, CA

Whoever still reads these posts, celebrated my 6th year out of gastric bypass surgery yesterday and it feels good, great, fantastic!  Life is much better for me than it was 6 years ago.  I have had no complications since my surgery and am at my goal weight of 125 lbs.  I still walk at least 4 miles a day 7 days a week and watch what I eat (most of the time).  I do go on my binges every once in a while, but do get sick when I eat lots of sugar or fat.  It's a great life living the way I do.  I feel very liberated and not like a prisoner in my own body.  I can look in the mirror and feel empowered about who I am and what I'm doing each day to help myself with my food issues.  I check this site often and don't see a lot of postings from this forum which makes me think that a lot of people who have been out for a while aren't doing well or are just too busy to post.  Congratulations and happy birthday to all of us!  

Wants to win too! 

(deactivated member)
on 12/12/11 2:15 am
Happy Birthday indeed!

It was six years ago but doesn't it seem like  a different life at times?  I saw some old photos on display at a work event and actually couldn't figure out why I wasn't in the shot, until I saw 'me' way back then.

I am doing very well on maintaining my weight loss.  I hope for each of us it is celebration of where we are now!

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