cost of plastic surgery here in Alberta

on 9/27/11 3:29 am - Canada
 I have asked a few diff rent people on this forum over the past few months about what there cost was to  get curtain surgery's done here in Alberta but no one seems to have a direct answer.. is  it a secret or something lol.
 I would like to know how much a Tummy Tuck is and a breast lift along with the surgery to remove excess skin on the arms..if anyone has the answers to this could you please message me ..thx
on 9/27/11 4:00 am - Canada
My surgeon AND the nurse at the pre-op class I went to BOTH said that "tummy tuck" is covered, anything else IS NOT, NOT arms, breasts, thighs, calves etc. So, Tummy is covered (wait list can be L>O>N>G) The cost of the rest is up to you and the  plastic/cosmetic surgeon you pick so you'd have to phone/email/have an appt with whoever you choose and cost it out from there. Hope that helps.....One of the clinic nurses said a Breast reconstruction/lift is  AROUND $10,000.00 .
on 9/27/11 4:31 am - Canada

No one can answer your question directly because it all depends on what you want/need to get done and the surgeon.  Everyone is different and every surgeon is different.

The only thing Alberta Health Care covers is a breast reduction (not a lift) and a panniculectomy (not necessarily a tummy tuck, they are different).  The rest you will have to pay for.  You will find this out when you go in for your consultation.  Generally speaking consultations are free so if you are truly curious then pick one and have a consult, that's the only way you will know how much you need to pay.


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on 9/28/11 11:18 am - Canada
I also am very curious about this. I know everyone is different and price would be specific to each person, but can the people who had surgery already just tell us what they paid and then we kinda have an idea??? Iknow i would really appreciate it...... i wanna know how many pennies i have to start saving ;) Thanks!!
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on 9/28/11 11:27 am - Canada
If you go back to previous conversations about plastics, I fully disclosed what I was having and how much it was :)


FDL Abdominoplasty, Monsplasty, MR, Lipo to Flanks: August 18, 2011

on 9/28/11 3:37 pm - Canada
k thx all I will talk to my Dr and see if I can get an referral to Dr Toya for a consultation
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