I have my surgery date! August 27

on 7/7/12 12:07 am
VSG on 08/27/12
I notice a lot of people in this forum are  going through the provincial programs. Is/has anyone opted for Mexico?

My doctor told me to look into going south as the waiting list is crazy in the provincial. So, that is the route my hubby and I chose. Hubby is freaked. I am strangely calm for the most part. I made sure that when I came home the kids would be going to school and I could veg. I go back to work approx. three-four weeks after, once my new contract comes in play.

Did you tell your friends that you were in the WW programs? I am nervous to do so, I have told a couple, and for the most part they are awesome about it. I just don't know if I want everyone to know...

Anyways, I hope you are having a great day. Sunny. 
on 7/7/12 3:07 am - Canada
Congratulations on your decison

I am having surgery the same day in Edmonton, Alberta.  I have told family and close friends, since they'll find out anyway

on 7/7/12 5:59 am - Canada
Congrats on  your surgery date im sure things will be great for you  must be very exciting  for both you ladies i honestly think its a nice pre christmas gift to have it done and over with
on 7/7/12 7:24 am - Canada
Thanks, I'm looking forward to it.

on 7/7/12 7:15 am, edited 7/7/12 7:16 am - Edmonton, Canada
VSG on 06/26/12
I went to Mexicali and had my gastric sleeve done on June 26. (booked it June 2nd) Every day I'm even more certain it was the best possible decision I could have made.

I'm 11 days out, have lost 12# since surgery plus 7 on the pre-op diet. My incisions are pretty much healed and I feel great! I had some bouts of pretty nasty gas pain and nausea during the first 3 days (quickly dealt with by nursing staff) but otherwise nothing but the occasional slight pulling sensation in the largest incision, where the drain was.

I have never been in a cleaner, better run facility in my life. The doctors we dealt with - Dr Aceves (surgeon), Dr Campos (nutrition and pre and post op testing) and the anesthesiologist (can't remember his name) were all professional, informative, friendly and kind.

My post surgery diet is stricter than the local program uses, but Dr Aceves is known for his low complication and long term success rate, so I'm cheerfully doing as I'm told.

Who are you going to? Please feel free to ask anything you like. I'm not in the least shy about it.


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on 7/7/12 7:26 am - Canada
Glad to hear your positive experience and for the words of encouragement.   I thought I wouldn't be able to wait this long, but now I'm almost there.

on 7/7/12 4:22 pm
VSG on 08/27/12
 I am getting less nervous as the pieces are falling into place. I decided to go with Dr. Osuna and Dr. Lopez in Tijuana. Thank you for the encouragment =) I hope to hear from you ladies more as our journeys progress. Sunny
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