Red Deer?

on 9/4/12 3:49 pm - Calgary, Canada
RNY on 02/26/14

I was recently referred to the Bariatric Specialty Clinic in Red Deer and am wondering if anyone who has been to that clinic could tell me the process?
on 9/6/12 12:41 am, edited 9/6/12 12:41 am - Calgary, Canada

I was referred by my doc back in March and i was put on a waiting list for a appointmen  I kept phoning to see where i was on the list and i finally got a call at the end of Aug . They have changed the process They now group you together( the recptionist told me it is a group of 50)  for a info session and then you can make a app after the session. I have my first app Oct 29 :0) 

on 9/10/12 10:03 am

Hello. I had surgery through the Red Deer clinic.  If you go back two pages to the thread called "Possiblity of Surgery" by Member at Large, you will see my write up about my experience. 

If you have any other questions please feel free to look me up on facebook - name "Mel Delburne."

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