EBSG - Bariatric Support Garment Clinic Presentation

on 9/27/16 10:45 am - Canada
RNY on 05/23/12

Hello All!

On October 13, the Edmonton Bariatric Support Group (EBSG) will be hosting a presentation by the University of Alberta Bariatric Support Garment Clinic staff.

The Bariatric Support Garment Clinic specializes in custom fit garments for obese individuals. Here is a link to more information.

It's a first of it's kind clinic in Canada and only available in Alberta.  However, they are working to open up their services to all Canadians.

At the presentation, two custom fitters from France will be in attendance to answer your questions.

We encourage everyone to come out and learn more about support garments and how they can assist you in your daily activities.

For more information on EBSG and the meeting details, please visit our Facebook group


-- xcalibur2572


on 10/5/16 3:23 pm

Can you please provide details regarding the time and location of this information session? Thank you in advance!