Victoria Bariatric Program?

on 9/1/17 3:33 pm

Hi guys

just as I was getting ready to make a deposit on Mexico, I got a call from Royal Jubilee Hospital! I go for consultation on January 25th. I've been keeping a strict journal and exercising everyday for the last few months. So they will see I'm ready!

abyone gone through? What was your time line like after orientation?

on 10/5/17 5:57 pm - Victoria, Canada

I had my surgery June 7 .... I am over the moon happy about it

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on 5/29/18 8:40 pm


Can you tell those of us who are heading into orientation (mine is on June 13th) a bit about the process from orientation to surgery?

I am assuming they will require a pysch eval, possibly counselling, and visits with a dietician on top of the surgical consult. How many appointments did all of that add up to? I'm asking because I live in the Okanagan and I'm trying to determine realistic expectations for how many appointments I'm going to be attending (though, I'm hoping I can see a dietician and counsellor in my area if they allow it). According to the website, the time from orientation to surgery at RJH is about 8 months. Was that about right, based on your experience?

Thank you in advance for any information you have to share!

on 1/21/18 10:46 am - Parksville BC, Canada
VSG on 09/17/18

Let me know how that appointment goes ...Mine is in Feb