Referrals for VSG or Gastric Sleeve Surgery

on 1/24/18 8:06 am - KELOWNA, BC

I'm having a heck of a time finding info about being referred for VSG or the Gastric Sleeve Surgery. I was in my GP's office and asked if he could refer me or if I was even a candidate and he's like I don't know. He gave me the number of another doctor, whom told me he only does the surgery occasionally and pretty much picks and chooses who he does the surgery for.

Is there a form my doctor needs to fill out to go to one of the Bariatric locations in BC or do I just ask him to send a referral to one of them?

Someone please help my head is hurting from trying to hunt on the internet.

on 1/29/18 10:52 am - Parksville BC, Canada
VSG on 09/17/18

Ask to be refered to the Richmond bariatric clinic or Victoria Bariatric clinic, if there are none in Kelowna...I know there is a private clinic there but I am not sure about an insured clinic

on 3/17/18 8:16 pm


I called the Richmond centre and they said to have my GP send over a referral and make sure it included my height, weight and BMI on it.

on 3/26/18 12:16 pm
VSG on 02/09/17

The bariatric clinic will fax your referral back to your GP, to show when you were added to the waitlist.