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on 5/29/18 9:29 am

Hi all, I'm new here. I know this might be a loaded question as everyone's journey is different. But I was finally after 2 years, 4 months of waiting after my referral went in, contacted for orientation, which is in June 2018 in Victoria. Wondering what exactly the orientation covers? what happens after that? how long wait is from orientation to surgery? I don't live on the island so how many times am I going to have to travel there prior to surgery? Just if anyone can walk me through rtheir experience that would be greatly appreciated. I am on lost to for Dr. Mason at Royal Jubilee Hospital. Thanks ?

on 5/29/18 11:23 am

Sorry, me again...... I am on list to see Dr. Amson at RJH in Victoria. (Spelling mistakes in my original post)

on 5/29/18 8:17 pm

Hi Brenda! I'm also scheduled for orientation in June in Victoria. Do you mind me asking if your orientation is on June 13th? If so, we will be in the same orientation session!

When the woman called to book me into the orientation she told me that it would take about 1.5 hours. From my understanding, it will be like a presentation where they go over all the details of the two surgeries they offer (gastric sleeve and gastric bypass). She said that if at the end of the orientation I still wished to pursue surgery then I would be given a form to have labwork done and that the labwork would have to be completed within 2 weeks. From there, you will be scheduled for a 1-1 appointmet with your potential surgeon and it will be up to the surgeon to work with you to decide if surgery is right for you and, if so, which surgery is the best option for you.

Like you, I don't live in Victoria (I live in the Okanagan) so I have some questions regarding travel, etc. that I hope to ask at the orientation. According to the website for the Royal Jubilee's Bariatric clinic, it says that the approximate time from orientation session to surgery is 8 months.

on 5/30/18 6:56 am

Hi Dyani, thank you for replying. I am scheduled for June 14 orientation, so looks like day after you. However, I too am from the Okanagan :). Yes, many questions about the process following orientation & cost of going to & from the island multiple times. Wondering if we can use local health professionals for some of it, ie: dietician. Anyways, let's stay in touch through the journey, we can compare notes.

on 7/23/18 5:23 pm

And I had my orientation on June 28. Or maybe I should say that I attended a very rushed PowerPoint presentation that left me glad that at least I had a fun little holiday in Victoria...

Have either of you looked into Dr. Lyons' medical weight loss clinic in Coquitlam? Unfortunately he's connected with Richmond, which now has a much longer waiting period than Victoria, but his program sounds very good whether you ultimately have the surgery or not.

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