Lapband Revision

on 5/29/18 8:32 pm

Hi Everyone, I just found this site and I'm so glad to have done so! I did a search regarding the information I'm looking for but there were only a few posts about band-to-sleeve revisions from many years ago, and they didn't cover exactly what I was looking for.

I'm wondering if anyone in BC who will be having their surgery in Victoria went from a lapband to a gastric sleeve? Additionally, did you have Dr. Amson for both procedures? My questions are as follows:

What was your experience of Dr. Amson as a revision patient?

The lapband came with all kinds of complications and never worked correctly. I've been trying for years to have it removed. I assume that others would be looking for a revision for the same reasons and, if so and you've already had the revision from a band to a sleeve, how was the experience of the sleeve different from that of the band?

If you live off of Vancouver Island (I live in the southern interior of BC) did you have to attend every appointment (dietician, counsellors, etc.) in Victoria or were you able to complete some by phone or skype?

Thanks in advance for any information that anyone has to offer!

on 7/23/18 9:53 pm

Hi Dyani,

Sorry to hear that you had the lapband and that it hasn't worked out for you. And I can't answer your questions, but I'd suggest that you ask on one of the main boards because there's so little activity here on the BC board.

Not sure, either, why you're asking in particular about Dr. Amson, as there are another two (I believe) surgeons now on the team in Victoria, as well as those in Richmond. I haven't yet met Dr. Amson, but most reports are that he doesn't have the "best bedside manner."