looking for WLS friendly GP recommendations

on 10/20/18 5:39 pm, edited 5/10/19 6:14 pm


I am planning to get WLS. I am a lightweight with multiple co morbidities.

If anyone here has any recommendations for GPs in the lower mainland, please share.

on 10/25/18 11:37 am - New Westminster, BC, Canada

Can you self-pay in Canada for surgery within Canada? My doctor said that because the public system covers it, that is not possible and that I'd have to go to the US or Mexico if I wanted to self-pay.

on 10/26/18 5:45 pm
on 4/13/19 10:22 am

I had a lower BMI and live in Canada. There are places that do it with lower BMI. Have you shown that you're able to keep a journal, exercise etc.? If you do, and you have been with an obesity specialist etc. it may be possible if you have all the co-morbidities like sleep apnea, hypertension etc.

on 11/6/18 2:03 pm
VSG on 02/09/17

I'm not aware of any surgeons here who offer a self pay option.

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