on 5/6/11 3:16 am - Yucaipa, CA
I just recieved my packet of forms from the surgeon  (my surgery date is 7/6/11) and in big red letters everywhere is the words "if you gained weight we will cancel your surgery" so i weighted myself at home on my scale that i always use and i have gained 2 lbs. so i was ok w/that cuz i can work that off! But i went to my regular doctor on May 3rd and according to their scale i have gained 14 pounds! i dont know which scale to believe (but keep in mind every time i go to my regular doctor the scale shows me up and down by 10 lbs is never consistance). What should i do? which scale should i believe? i am stressed and afraid because i am stressed i wont lose or i will gain more! Any advice out there for me i would greatly appreciate it :) 
Michelle C.
on 5/6/11 2:22 pm - Oakley, CA
I went through the same thing.  I finally went to the surgeons office and did a weight check.  I went by the surgeons scale not my own.  Start living your life as much as you can like a WLS person.  It will be good practice over the next few months and it won't hurt to drop as much weight as you can prior to surgery.   Good luck on your journey.

  HW 315/SW 260/CW 164/GW 160

Melody Deutsch
on 5/7/11 1:27 pm - CA
  Are you keeping a Food Journal on everything that
     enters you mouth, thats the only way your really going to
   keep on top of this.  And if your waiting for surgery, start
  cutting back early, to get your body ready for this . Drink 2
  Protein Powders twice aday, morning and night, and eat one good
 healthy low calorie meal at Noon, you should not gain on that,
 no breads or pasta......just salad and 4 oz. of protein daily,
 no beef........keep to ground chicken or ground turkey, or
 fish...........that will get you off on the right foot.  Good luck
 to you, keep intouch , we are here to help.
God Bless........Melody
on 5/8/11 12:57 am - Yucaipa, CA

thank u sooo much for all the advice :) I have cut out the pasta's and breads and started doing zumba :)

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