on 7/17/11 5:58 am - san diego, CA
Does any body know how often you should excersize and how many minutes or hours a day. i asked because im 2weeks post-op and i started to gain weight because of not excersizing . since friday made 2 weeks i been goin to the gym getting on the treadmill for and hour a day. i wonder if that will help my weight loss.i still have a long way to go and im already startin to get discourage someone plz give me some advice i need help here.
Lisa E.
on 7/17/11 3:30 pm - Fontana, CA
 an hour a day is good. I think it is normal to fluctuate at the beginning the same thing happened to me. Do get discouraged it will happen. I have had weeks were I fluxed and didn't lose anything at all. Just keep doing what you are doing.
Good Luck, Lisa     

on 7/18/11 7:51 am - Northern, CA
I don't think you can actually gain weight at 2 weeks out. Aren't you "eating" something like 400 calories a day?! However, some people in the 1-3 week timeframe do find they start retaining a lot of water and the scale won't budge for a while until their body recovers from the initial shock of surgery and of starting up on regular food after being on a liquid diet.

But exercise is good for you and it really helps in maintenance so it's good to get in the habit now. My program recommends 45 min. of exercise 4-5 times a week as a minimum and their calorie and other recommendations are based on that.

You want, eventually, to do a combination of strength and cardio.

Also, you need to be careful the first couple of weeks out. I know I wasn't up for anything that really worked the core until about 2 months  out and most us of are given lifting restrictions during that time as well.

The other things: be sure to take rest days! All fitness gains actually happen during recovery times. So you need adequate recovery or you will be minimizing your fitness gains.

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