Looking for: CA WLSer willing to share experience at a faculty panel during Obesity Week

on 10/5/15 11:11 am - Sunny Southern, CA
Are you a Californian (preferably LA region or nearby surrounding areas) who has undergone a bariatric procedure and are willing to share your experience with postoperative pain at a faculty panel during Obesity Week? (specifically: November 5th of that week) "In this educational activity, 4 leading bariatric surgeons will provide a detailed overview of the evolving landscape of postoperative pain assessment, evaluation, and management techniques, and will discuss the benefits and disadvantages of long-acting vs short-acting local anesthetics and opioids. As a key part of the program, the faculty panel will interview on stage a patient who has undergone a bariatric procedure, to explore his or her experience with postoperative pain, how the patient's pain was treated, and how pain management could have been improved. The patient-interview component will help the clinicians who attend the conference better understand the importance of effective pain management for bariatric surgery patients, and enable them to provide improved pain management therapy to patients in their practice." If you are willing to assist in this project that is sure to help many future bariatric patients please contact: Krista Sierra [email protected] to discuss your participation. In your email please mention: Obesity Week patient outreach via OAC/The World According to Eggface.

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Janine Greenwood
on 10/25/15 10:02 pm - Long Beach, CA
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