I want my lap band removed after 10 years.

on 11/11/15 9:36 am - socal, CA

I want my band removed after 10 years.

Every bariactric doctor I have a consulted with, wants to do a revision. Idon't want one.

I am fine with my weight the way it is now.

Now , also , I have having pain in my stomach over the last 4 weeks and it is very common for me to have gastritis and esophogits once or twice a year.

But this time it is accompanied by pain in one spot, which is different from the past episodes and I am on 4 previcids a day, which is the maximum and generic mylanta.

The last bariactric surgeon I consulted with, says if , after endoscopy, with my gastroenterologist, I have erosion, he will do an "open" revision, which I do not want.

I do understand if there is alot of damage, from a possible erosion, that repair work does need to be done.

However, I do not want a revision.

My problem, all the bariactric surgeons, I have consulted with this year, just want to do this.

I don't feel I can trust any of them that I have consulted with ..as far as band removal.

I am on Medicare with a vey good supplemental insurance,however that limits me to choices,  as I am 67.

Also I am in So California.

Help, I need adivise.


on 11/12/15 9:31 am - bay area, CA

No surgeon can do a revision bariatric operation on you without your consent. If you are stuck with a surgeon you don't trust (which I don't recommend, but I don't know what your options are) you can document your complete refusal of anything other than lap band removal both in emails to the surgeon, and also on your consent for surgery form you can write in something like "consent only for removal of lap band, no consent for any type of revision" or whatever words you are comfortable with.

Have you consulted with Dr. Keshishian in Glendale? He is a well known DS surgeon, but a very nice guy who hopefully would be willling to just remove your lap band and do nothing more, since that's what you want. He's a very trustworthy person IMHO.


Barbara H.
on 10/13/16 7:06 pm - La Mirada, CA

Had my bands from 2006 and initially lost 100 pounds I gained 30 of that back. I just switched bariatric surgeons and half thinking of having a revision to the sleeve but I'm kind of leery as am 71 years old but the doctor doesn't seem to think that would be an issue as anyone out there had this revision done

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