almost a year....

on 7/12/11 12:11 am - North Branford, CT
WOW...its been almost a year since I posted...I knew stopping by this site would reinforce my belief that I CAN DO THIS!!  I will be four years out on the 27th of July....four wonderful years!  Had a little weight gain this year...but discovered ZUMBA..and now my clothes are falling back to basis on the my stomach is cooperating...longing to have plastics..but have to get my kids through college first..UGH....and what else...oh yeah..I got engaged...wonderful year indeed....glad to be back!
on 7/12/11 5:14 am
Congratulations .... It is good to hear from someone 4 years out and still doing well.  You are an inspiration to me .  I am two years out and worry everyday that I will start gaining.  Just try to stay on track at all times!  I too discovered ZUMBA and LOVE it.  Sounds like you are just loving life ... GOOD FOR YOU!!
on 7/12/11 5:25 am - North Branford, CT
one town should come Zumba with ME!  it has truly saved my life!  I have been to support group...not too often the beginning I never missed a meeting...but I really have to get back photo on here...perhaps we have meant at group?
on 7/12/11 9:14 am
Yes I live in Branford.  Where do you go to Zumba?  I have only been to group once .... wasn't for me, at least that particular night.  It was kind of a very ... um ....verbal night .  There was some arguing, etc.  It really left a bad impression on me. Not very helpful to me anyway and I just never went back.  Found the site very helpful and between Dr. Bell's office and this site all my questions were answered.  No ... no photo ... all this time and I have not been able to get one up.  Going to try again tonight!  
on 7/12/11 9:57 pm - North Branford, CT
I go to Zumba in the basement of North Branford Congregational Church...LOVE IT!  the instructor is WONDERFUL!  She is not tiny...not pushy...well....she encourages you to do your best...the class is small...usually 6 to 9 AC but the basement is cool...Monday & Tuesday from 630 to 730 and Thursday from 545 to 645...$7 a class or you can get a class card for $50 for ten classes...the first time I did it...UGH...I still arms are much heavier than most...LOL...I have not had plastics insurance got down graded...and I have a deductible of $5000...and thats only if they cover the entire I am hoping soon...working out three days a week has begun to "define" my muscles...which means more flab...

yeah so...I live in North Branford...and work in email [email protected]... sometimes I can't get on here during the day ... if someone else is in the office...Jennifer
on 7/12/11 5:15 am
WOW ... just realized same doctor ... and one  town over!  Hi neighbor!!!
on 7/12/11 7:07 am - Windsor Locks, CT
Well I'm from the northern part of the state, so know I never met you, lol but glad to see people who are doing well and still working hard at their WL like you.

Good luck, keep on going and helping to come an inspiration to us newbies.  I'm 9 weeks out and already have some struggles. 
on 7/12/11 9:58 pm - North Branford, CT
let me know if there is anything I can do to help!  the struggles are worth it!!
Dan R.
on 7/12/11 10:07 am - Madison, CT
RNY on 08/04/08 with
It has been  a long time! Glad to hear from you! Congrats on the engagement and the upcoming surgiversay!    Like y'all, I fear regain, and I use my support group for accountability. coming up on 3 years and hanging tough! Glad y'all are doing well! If you ever need/want to get together let me know. (North Madison) and/or I run a Saturday morning group that meets the 2nd Saturday of each month.. not hospital or doctor specific! All are welcome..    or we could meet for coffee at a local spot :).. keep up the good work!   Dan 
Obesity Help Support Group Leader
Founder-Central Connecticut Cares
on 7/12/11 10:00 pm - North Branford, CT
I would love to attend....I have a friend from Killingworth who I believe had the same surgeon as you...she is almost 9 months [email protected] with specifics...I work Saturdays for my brother at his garage..but I don't get I may be able to get time off...LOL
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