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Information about medicaid insurance approval
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VSG on 06/03/14

Hi aliha, I have medicaid insurance and theres a whole list of stuff you have to do before approval. specifically I have Husky D which used to be called medicaid for low income adults. If you have A or B it's probably cuz you have kids, and C is for people who are elderly or disabled but not yet old enough/eldgible for medicare.

forgot to mention I am pre-op so i am doing the pre-op work up now! have you had you first consult with the surgeon yet?? and what part of CT are you??

The surgeons assistant gave me a paper with a list, theres a lot to do!! here goes: they only cover gastric band/lapband, gastric bypass/RNY, and gastric sleeve/VSG.....6 consecutive months of visits with a dietitian so thats one a month, psych eval, letter of medical necessity from your pcp, pulmonary clearance, sleep study to test for sleep apnea, GI eval which is an upper endoscopy / test of you stomach, and cardiac eval.

the only thing i am having trouble with is finding a doctor to do the psych eval and you might have to pay out of pocket for the dietitian unless you find one that takes medicaid

hope this helps....feel free to message me with anymore questions!!


on 1/27/13 10:38 pm - Bloomfield, CT
Hello mrs ladi im in the hartford area if your close I have therapist in west hartfird ct that excepts that insurance
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