Self pay in CT

on 2/1/13 7:27 am - Naugatuck, CT
VSG on 04/18/13
I was so excited about finally making the decision to get sleeved. After being told my insurance would cover it, I went to the cardiologist, made appointments to see a nutritionist, a pulmonologist, etc... and then was told my insurance will not cover the procedure! I am so upset!!! Now i'm thinking about trying to get a loan to pay for this. Has anyone had to self pay for the sleeve? Any recommendations of good and affordable surgeons in CT?
on 6/27/13 5:36 am

I'm from southern western mass and m insurance also doesn't cover the procedure. I wil be flying out of Bradley to Detroit for my surgery in two weeks. I did get a personal loan to cover the costs. 

on 6/27/13 6:02 am - Naugatuck, CT
VSG on 04/18/13

That's what i ended up doing. Took out a loan for 15k, and had the surgery in NC with Dr. heider. That amount covered everything including my flight and hotel.

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