thinking about getting a revision....could use some advice

on 5/12/14 4:53 am - southington, CT

Hi every one! I got RNY over 8years ago. And a tummy tuck about six. My lowest weight was 155 I'm back up to around 180. Ive been living an active lifestyle, and eating right but I feel like I'm eating more at meal time and the older I'm getting the weight is just Nott coming off anymore. Ughhh it frustrating and I recently am considering  revision. Does anyone recommend any good surgeons!? My surgeon is now working in RI. Is it hard tot get insurance to cover it?


Thanks I hope you guys can help!!!


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Rachel DiLo
on 6/28/14 10:02 am

Hi! I had a band placed in 2009 and just started the revision process myself. I switched surgeons and now I see Dr. Richi in Waterbury. I chose him because I heard lots of great things about him. I have been working with him since November and I think he is absolutely wonderful and very understanding. I hope this helps!


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on 7/6/14 9:53 am - orange city, FL

read my blog i posted today.  :) Monday I will be a week out of revision.

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