Any successful CT revision patients?

on 9/18/15 5:06 am

I had gastric bypass with Dr Valin in 2001 and have gained back all of my weight.  He told me there is no option for revision but I have heard of so many others who have had it done.  I saw Dr Aranow who said "he won't touch me" because of the way Dr. Valin does his surgery.  Idk what to do but I am experiencing so many weight related health problems.  

on 9/23/15 6:49 am - East Haven, CT

Dr. Valin is a horrible doctor.  He did a horrible surgery on my friend (old style sleeve) and she was only ever able to eat sweets, lost nothing and vomited constantly and she NEVER saw him again after the surgery; he offered no assistance.  Dr. Andrew Duffy at Yale was able to revise her. Dr. Duffy is a very good surgeon; he joined Yale's practice while Dr. Robert Bell was there (he did my surgery 11 yrs ago). It's worth a try. Good luck...


on 9/23/15 10:37 am

Thank you, JA.  While I did lose weight initially because I couldn't eat solid food comfortably for months, it came back on for a myriad of reasons.  People want to assume (on this board included) that I ate through my surgery and it's just not what happened.  My diet is not perfect.  I indulge in the occasional sweet, but I barely eat carbs and eat mostly protein.  I hate having to explain myself. Sorry to vent to you but I hate being in this position. I've been told no by 2 doctors now.  I will definitely call that office.  Thank you for your kind words.

on 9/23/15 4:40 pm - East Haven, CT

Don't let anyone including a doctor judge you!  Go see Dr. Duffy; I'm sure he'll help you.  My friend did not have success with the surgery Valin performed either and couldn't eat anything healthy w/out getting sick :(

You will be successful once Dr. Duffy does the revision; she has been very successful and she's an older lady (72 yrs old).  Dr. Duffy said normally he doesn't operate on folks in that age group, but he really wanted to help her.  She also had a huge hernia that he repaired (abdominal).

Again, I wish you the best and always feel welcome to vent!  None of us should judge anyone, as we were all in the same boat at one point or another; or we wouldn't be on this site!


on 9/23/15 10:47 am

JA, is Dr. Duffy's bedside manner as bad as the reviews claim?  I honestly don't care if he will help me but I was curious.  I'm sure he will yell at me for gaining weight back too 

on 9/23/15 4:36 pm - East Haven, CT

I found him to be very nice; I went with my friend when she had her revision.  He's more reserved than Dr. Bell was (who was my surgeon), but he was very well informed and sat down and talked to me after her surgery and asked about my surgery/success, and we did discuss Dr. V and how he is NOT a good doctor.  I would give him a chance; he can help you.  



on 11/21/15 5:34 pm

Where is Dr Duffy?

on 11/21/15 9:54 pm

He's part of Yale in new haven 

on 11/22/15 11:58 am

Ok, thank you. Do you go to that Dr or ant one on that team?

on 8/13/16 9:37 am

Go to Yale.  All of the surgeon's in practice with Dr. Duffy are terrific.

I am in the process of going for a revision.  They did an endoscope and found that my stoma from my pouch is HUGE so basically nothing is staying in my pouch long enough for me to feel full.

Yale is the only place I would even consider going to for GB or a revision.  

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