Band over bypass

on 11/21/15 5:32 pm

Has anyone in CT head band over bypass surgery?

(deactivated member)
on 11/27/15 9:43 pm

Don't do the band. Many reputable and experienced US Drs. don't even perform this procedure anymore. It's been eliminated in Europe and many US practices spend more time removing them, then performing them.

on 11/29/15 9:40 am

Oh wow thx,I am looking for a procedure after gaining weight back after bypass.

Melissa M.
on 12/4/15 8:32 am - Meriden, CT

Where did you have your bypass?  I see Dr. Aranow and I know he doesn't recommend the band, but he does do the sleeve.  Not sure what he does for revisions.

on 12/4/15 5:22 pm

I had it done in Harford 14 years ago my doctor is no longer there. I've gained a lot of weight that in the last two years and I'm looking for help, I don't know of anything else except band over bypass for those who have had bypass before...

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