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on 8/5/23 2:16 pm
RNY on 04/17/20

I had my RnY 2 yrs ago and my lowest weight was 137 lbs March this year. I am currently 180 pounds and I am getting discouraged. I am considering getting a DS because of my health issues--hypertension, diabetes type 2 and honestly i can tell i am getting heavier. I need to lose 50 pounds but there is no surgeon close to my area in KY that does RnY revision to DS. I am not even sure if i should. I have been walking everyday for atleast 2 hours, drinking my fluids and watching everything i eat but the scale does not move. I am thinking that perhaps if i had the DS then it would be faster as far as losing weight but i just read something about getting revisions and slower in terms of losing weight since it is a revision. Does anybody have an experience of RnY to DS? Thank you.

on 8/6/23 7:37 am - Ballwin, MO

Yes, I had that done 19 years ago. I am happy with my success, although I never lost as much as I would have liked to. The doctor left my common channel larger than he usually does because of diarrhea I've had through the years.

I had it done in Nashville, but that doctor is no longer there. I don't have any idea where he is or if he's practicing.

I think even with the DS a person has to stay the course and be diligent about their lifestyle. (eating, exercise, etc)

on 11/13/23 11:09 pm

Weight loss journeys can be tough, right? I haven't had a RnY to DS revision myself, but I've heard it can be a bit slower. Keep up your healthy habits, and consult a surgeon for advice on your specific situation. Don't be too discouraged by the scale - it can be tricky.

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