Ate solid food after duodenal switch

on 8/12/23 6:15 pm
DS on 07/31/23

I had surgery on July 31st and then on August 10th I air fried 2 eggs and ate them then later that night I ate little bit of air fried chicken breast. Now feeling like it is obstructing what I eat now...will it get better or worse is the question? Thanks for any advice

on 8/13/23 7:39 am - CA

Most likely it will. Eggs shouldn't be a big problem - we were cleared to try them along with other soft foods very early out. The chicken can be tougher - when we started more solids and meats, we were told, contrary to classic diet lore, to go for dark meat chicken/poultry rather than white, as the fatter cuts tend to go down easier than the drier breast meat; some sauces or gravies (aka "meat lube") can be helpful in keeping things moving. I would try to keep things liquid and sloppy for a while until it passes on through.

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on 8/13/23 1:15 pm

100% Agreed. I could eat almost anything during year 1 except white meat Turkey or Chicken. It was the only food that would come back up. I had a much easier time with steak than white meat.

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WLS on 07/15/22

Congrats on making it through surgery.

Your plan has you on solid food much faster than mine did. No chicken or anything that couldn't be cut easily with a plastic for****il two months out, really. As the others have said, chicken can be hard.

My best advice if you're on solid food already is to cut it really, really small and make sure you have sauce or gravy to help with moisture. My clinic was big at preaching about chewing to applesauce consistency. You're still healing and probably swollen, so it'll be a process. It should get better with time even if it doesn't feel that way now.

Editing to add that some great advice I've gotten is that when you hit a snag in your diet progression, take a step backward to give your system a break. It's helped me a ton in my year since surgery!

Best wishes.

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on 8/14/23 1:08 pm

Most likely you ate too much too fast. Someone told me to put an egg timer on the table and flip it between bites. Worked well for me.

The excessive pre and post surgery refeeding plans are a recent thing. When I had my surgery I was told to eat what I wanted in tiny quantities and take my time. I was fine.

on 11/13/23 11:08 pm

It's possible that the eggs and chicken might have caused some discomfort if your body wasn't fully ready for them after surgery. I'd suggest sticking to a soft and easily digestible diet for a while and see if things improve.

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on 11/28/23 8:37 pm

Instead of eating three large meals, you should try eating smaller portions throughout the day to reduce the burden on your digestive system.


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