OH National Atlanta Conference in Oct.

Deborah T.
on 7/16/12 8:40 am - GA
Hello Friends!   I’m helping out OH by coordinating the fashion show models for the October Atlanta Conference. Below is some information they’d like you to know so you can come join us and show off on the catwalk!   Remember, EVERYONE is invited to participate, men and women. All you have to do is bring an outfit you’d like to be photographed in.   Email to [email protected] your photos and information: ·        High resolution before and after photos ·        Your full name, OH screen name, surgeon, surgery type and (optional) amount of weight lost This is your chance to shine and to show everyone what a great job you’ve done. It’s also a way to let the community know who your surgeon is.   PM me if you have questions, or email [email protected]. We will be accepting your photos and info until early September, but don’t wait too long!     Thank you!
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Deborah Turrell
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